Down Memory Lane



My mother has just dug out her National Registration card from 1951 for one of my girls' school projects.
Back then my dad was away in Korea and my mum was left behind on Catterick Camp with a newborn handicapped baby(caused by the military hospital there).
The address on the card is 19 Le Cateau Lines
I wonder...Does it still exist? :)


Don't know if it does now,

but was there in 88 when i was last at Catterick!

remember taking the sprogs running down it!

oh the days when i was fit :D


just tried on autorote..couldn't find it!

there again I couldn't find the two roads I had lived in either! :oops:
There is most definatly a Le Cateu school and there is a small row of terraced houses there. Ive got to drive past on my way to church tomorrow ill have a nosey and see what they are called.
It most definatly is Le Cateu road although it is a terrace of about 5 houses now.

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