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Right as the long haired general didn't pick up on any of my hints before Christmas I’m off to treat myself to a down jacket for the countless trips to many amazing defence estate dotted around the UK over the winter followed by a winter deployment to Afghan at the back end of next year.

To start with I’m not interested in trying to be some SF/Blade look'a'likie so North face is out (also think there kit has taken a nose dive over the past few years in build quality) and have had my eye on one of the following:-

Alpkit Filo- Good looking at the specs but there having trouble with their suppliers but still only £76

Mountain Hard wear Below Zero-Bit more cash but looks good on paper.£150

Rab Neutrino Endurance - Most expensive at around £176 but had a Rab peak smock years ago which was a top bit of kit.

Find myself draw to the Rab as I of the you get what you pay for school of thought. So just wanted a point of view from anyone who has used any of the above jackets I have had a trawl through the climbing forums but just wanted a military slant on anybody points of view?
Sounds strange, I know; but with the skiing season now on us check your local TK Max.

They do a decent line in winter outer garments, but usually last years style. I've seen several decent jackets in there, at seriously knock down prices and picked up a full length Driza-Bone a couple of years ago for £50 odd.
I've got a Rab one (looking at the website its the Peak). Its the gay blue colour.

Been very happy with it, despite what people say I've had it washed at the dry cleaners a couple of times and its been fine (rather than send it off to Rab).

PS - the shiney looking ones look awful!
It is interesting that they don't seem to have produced anything which outperforms down. I take it that new waterproof fabrics mean that there's a move back to down from synthetic because it is now easier to keep down dry (wet feathers being a bad joke)?
Try Mountain Equipment gear. GoOutdoors have got a deal on at the moment.

I've had a ME down jacket for about 6 years, and it's the business - not too pricey either.

Good luck.
I have a very lightweight down jacket from PHD, nice quality, got it in one of their sales. They also do a waterproof outer version, which is handy. Saying all that, I have a Alpkit Filo for colder times, and for the money its incredible value. Very warm and build quality is good ( had it 2 winters). Only downside on the black version i have is the collar is a very light grey micro- fleece. Stands out like the dogs proverbials and not practical . However, have worn it in a heavy downpour and the water beaded off and did'nt penetrate, thats after a years use. I dont think you can go far wrong with Alpkit stuff.


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Rab Neutrino owner here too. Very good bit of kit. Kept me warm! Only problems with it is that It's not really designed to do much more than mong round in it, the outer is quite thin and can rip easily. You can get reinforced ones but I think it sort of defies the point really.

Rab do have a factory outlet though, loads of mates have gone there and picked up some good deals there...
Cotswolds Outdoor also have 40-60% off several of the aforementioned jackets if you move fast on their website.


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I own a buffalo and the rab, and whilst the Buffalo is good i'd use them for different things. Buffalos are good if you are going to be cutting about, but not doing anything really strenuous, down jackets are really for static locations.
Rocky_Yeti said:
To start with I’m not interested in trying to be some SF/Blade look'a'likie so North face is out (also think there kit has taken a nose dive over the past few years in build quality)
Rocky - I know you're counting out North Face, but I have a NF Nuptse that my missus bought me last year. It really is one of the best pieces of kit I have owned. On the build quality, they have a lifetime guarantee which is really impressive. A mate of mine tore his NF Goretex on a barbed wire fence - send it back to NF and they returned it like new, no questions asked.
I have an Alpkit Filo for the price you can't beat it, a little flaky in the quality dept the hem draw cord on mine came adrift twice, but nothing a sewing machine can't fix, I do like the fleece lined collar on mine not sure if the new ones have that but they do come with a hood.

However bought a TNF Nupste recently, £99 great bit of kit and better all round in the quality dept, Go Outdoors seem to have these in regularly at bargain basement prices.


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