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Down in Alabama


Book Reviewer
Yeehaw, ammmaaa gunna git ma gun, an mah cuzzin, who iz also mah waaaf and I's gunna beat you ass, ya gay forner!!!

LOL, god these boys like to live on the edge. More top-class work from what is arguably the world's greatest TV show!!

Keep up the good work!
Down in Alabama - one of my favourite songs for non PC gatherings. My housemate, an LI bursar (Hello Shergar) used to sing it all the time!

"Oh down in Alabama where the * shovel coal, a * shoved a shovel up the other * hole.
Oh said the foreman, you're here to shovel coal, not to shove your shovel up the other * holes.
Well the * called the doctor but the doctor wouldn't come, so he died of constipation with a shovel up his bum."
Watched and cringed through yesterday's licence-worthy episode (they didn't honestly munch through that dead cow did they?!!), talk about pushing the boundaries! But if some tv company out there was looking for a novel 'reality' idea.... there's that one, different slogans on cars, driving through different no-go areas of different towns of different countries.... providing the drivers were either prisoners, WAGs or talentless tw@ts like Russell Brand.

Just noticed the other thread :oops:
Outstanding - what Arrse is all about, sharing.
Courtesy of the great William Styron, the definition of a virgin down that way is a 12 year old girl who can run faster than her Daddy...
(the literary aware will point out that it was Mississippi, but the sentiment's the same)


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Reviews Editor
Watched the prog last night and in these days of PCfuckupness this has been a beacon of light!

At one point it almost became Top Gun, not Top Gear :headbang:
dingerr said:
Brilliant - Only Clarkson could dream up such a thing.

A true example of the "Great American Way"
Whilst it was funny as f**k you'd probably get in just as much trouble in parts of belfast and glasgow if you wore the wrong colour football shirt.
Dr_Chris said:
I love the way that American towns seem to have two pickup trucks full of guys on standby for these exact situations!

Absoloutely brilliant!
HRF - Hick Reaction Force.

This thread should have been posted in the multinational forum.

Anything to get up Trip Wires nose. ;)
I laughed so hard a bit of wee came out.

Is there ever going to be an ARRSE p!ssup in yankland? Hick-baiting looks like great fun.

Any American's want to comment? :D

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