Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MrSpock, May 11, 2004.

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  1. Why is it that 80% of people that are down graded are obese ?

    I have nothing against people that are down graded, but does this give the majority of them reason to eat themselves into an early grave?

    What kind of image does this present to the public i think it is time the Army took a stance and started weeding these fatties out.

    If i had my way they would be marched up to the med centre to get their jaws wired.
  2. how about they weed about arrogant little sh*ts like you? 80% you say got facts? do you know the reason for the downgrade, big sweeping statements like that are crass. Have you asked them?

    Ever seen proffesional sportsmen not long after they retire, a lot of them gain weight shortly after,how many of us ex's gain weight after leaving? sometimes it is just a simple case of our own bad management we carry on eating habits that we used when we were fully active, but without the exercise, so it stays...maybe you should have thought a little more about it before judging them,
  3. May I temperately add that those who have been downgraded and are being so judged.

    It could be that these now stout people are putting (dare I say) 115% into their employment, thus allowing those who are leaner and fitter to enjoy the delights of doing what we joined the Army for – Diversity and the opportunity to compete in competitive sport.

    May be those who are now stout are also embarrassed about just that point – they are doing sedentary work and genetically are susceptible to putting on weight because they are less able. You have a point – but a narrow view.
  4. And may i also say that in between enjoying the sport and active life, they are also the ones on ops!!! Gaps need to be filled, fact of life and the more downgraded and "less able" there are, the more deployments and exercise commitments for the fit.

    "You have a point – but a narrow view" I agree GP3B.

  5. BM to put this into contex there are approx 26K broken service people (AMS Speak for people downgraded) this is increasing due to poor H&S equipment more demands on those who are doing the deployments and life in general.

    However the real thorn is the AMS has been so underfunded that now even the Rapid Access to Physio is not having the impact it was designed to do.

    Service people are being "exported" to BFG so that they can be "fixed" more quickly on the BFG HS system - again a drain on HMS Taxes that we all pay.

    Solution: We have smoking Cessation maybe we could have more awareness and acceptance that these people need to be “fixed” so that those deployments do not come round so quickly.

    To add even more impact to my thesis – could I possibly ask – was it a positive or negative for when the AMS got rid of the British Military Hospitals and embarked on the MDHUs.

    I should also add that 75% of medical personnel on deployment are direct from the NHS and not regular. Coupled with these rotund (some not in the main) AMS people, could I possibly suggest would you rather have them TREATING you or running around the parade square.

    I put this into context as when I was at Blandford I was personally ridiculed for being stout and the person was asking why the Dental Centre was not manned – he was in pain - my reply – Ah they must be doing a CFT then !!!!! a bit sharp I know and I apologise for the remark, yet it displays my sentiments.

    I have to say nonetheless I really enjoyed my time in Blandford - I got fitter then I have ever been and made some very, very good friends.

    But - accept each Corps for its own professional ability and staff !!!
  6. Why don't we then have a two tier Army, those that fit the fighting criteria and can deploy on Ops, exercises etc and a second tier of those that can not.

    They could take up all the plum postings which never deploy. We could ear mark certain postings then as Operational only. They could get the majority of the Army Budget thus helping to keep the war fighting arm better served.

    Get serious.
  7. Agree with your sentiments GP3B - although i will say i believe MrSpock was having a pop at the "overweight with laminated sick chit" personalities, and not the AMS.

    I didnt realise we were in the business of exporting our sick to BFG to get them fixed quicker 8O Is this policy common? Surely this compounds the overstretch of BFG units, and puts an unnecessary strain on the medical services here?

  8. yes i do fall into that catergory!! but not when i was serving (the ex part should have given you a clue):D and 80% is not having a go at downgraded in general?

    so next time make your point clear, What you mean ...and if you think that was an **** reply see what happens when i get upset :lol:
  9. ex-dvr1 wrote

    how about they weed about arrogant little sh*ts like you? 80% you say got facts? do you know the reason for the downgrade, big sweeping statements like that are crass.

    I'm not having a go at down graded soldiers in general. However I'am having ago at very over weight wasters that steal money from the Army and have no intention of getting up graded even if they could. As you got so **** on this thread earlier does this mean you fall into this catergory.
  10. I just saw a Green Howards recruiting team in the center of town, I have finally found an answer to the question "Who ate all the pies?" their corporal could have eaten Gregs out of stock. Not exactly setting a good image for an infantry regiment now, and don't get me started on the state of their jackets and boots...
  11. Phone up their Adj / RSM pretending to be an astonished member of the public: "No fitness requirements, low dress standards " etc etc.

    And then Stand By!!
  12. Could be a plan. I can't see how this guy got through the BPFA let alone CFT in under 10.hours, let alone 10.5 mins or whatever the inf requirement is. Now where's that phone book got to.... (Don't think I'd win myself many friends in the inf regs..... what a shame!).
  13. do you not think theses guys who have been downgrades and yes may put on a little weight look at maddona (the footballer) actualy desevrve to stay i n the army if they wish its usually the B***sh**t army way of life that caused their injury anyway.. Are they not intitled to their pension?? or should they leave with f***k all.... Try geeting an MO to medically discharge you with a tax free pension for the rest of your life****. Most of these guys put a lot of work in therere carreers then get injure or unwell by being pushed out of an aircraft or forced to drink unhealthy water in the jungle get maleria whatever then watch pissants who can do nothing but run 1.5 miles in 8 min (whoopee) or play footballl suddenly think they are a good soldier to me it does not make sece in the slightest Judge on the abilty to do a Job not the size of your trouser belt

    Thank you Bless you and goodnight
    The priory has spoken
  14. As I've said before, I have no problem with downgraded types, just take the X factor off them. If a 13% pay cut doesn't motivate them then I don't know what will (though it will cut down on their pie budget!). The X-factor is a top-up on our pay to compensate for exigencies of the service and other things that a civvy firm would never get away with.

    I believe a soldier should be fit for purpose just like anything else in the Army, but there are other issues you may no be aware. There are now a lot less PULHEEMS employment categories than there once was. In 1998 FT, LT, base temperate and base everywhere were removed. That effectively leaves FE, LE and Oxygen thief for the MO to chose from when catagorising a soldier.

    And while were ranting, let's not forget our lady-soldiers. How about AGC(SPS) removing the X-factor automatically on receipt of a positive pregnancy test. How many pregnant women stag on? How many get dicked at the last minute to be mess waitress? Need i go on? As for single mums turning down an Op tour, same again, bye bye X-factor.
  15. I usually found that it was the guys who gave 100% who spent the most time biffed. Tank transporting in particular was a haven for getting broken limbs due to people falling\slipping from trailers.