I will be taking the site down from 0900 - 0930 this morning so that we can move onto a new very fast (and suitably expensive - thank you donators) server. This is in the interests of keeping the site fast when it gets busy.

I'll give a 5 minute warning so you don't get caught mid post.
Seems to be working, a lot quicker.

It certainly should be - our new database server cost us nearly £4k
Couldn't you have just got the mice in the old server to run faster on the treadmill?
....or ban the trolls to save bandwidth. ;)
You'd be able to run the site off a Commodore then.
Anyway. Serious question. Mobile arrse doesn't appear to have been updated. It's still showing the most recent post as about 08:00 this morning.
£4k!! That's a lot of beer tokens...

ARRSE does seem faster, especially forum search facility (although could this be improved? It doesn't seem to like operators and it's hard to find individual posts within the thread)
I know, its also just one of the 5 servers that the ARRSE empire now owns! We have two for ARRSE (apache + mysql servers), two for Rum Ration/Rear Party (ditto) and a spare that we use for backups and are meant to test things on ......

Forum search is a big problem for us as its the thing that eats up most processing power on the database server. We need to come up with a more elegant solution than simply buying every more powerful servers but its nowhere near as easy!

We're very glad that its speeded things up though the challenge will be during the day tomorrow ....

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