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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Peter_Dow, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. No way should the ones defending themselves in their own home have been arrested. The police have wrongly taken the side of the burglars and attackers once again.

    If anyone tries to force their way into your home then sometimes the defenders may have to use lethal force.

    Not everyone can afford to make their homes as secure as a fortress and hold the attackers at bay until the police come.

    It is not "murder" if you kill someone attacking you in your home. It is self-defence and perfectly legal, or it should be perfectly legal in any good legal system.

    If defending yourself in your own home is not perfectly legal then there is something wrong with the law or the constitution which allows bad laws.

    Any good head of state would make that very clear to the police.

    Of course Queen Elizabeth is not a good head of state - she will allow her police to arrest innocent people simply defending themselves.

    So really the Queen and Her Majesty's Government need to go.

    We need republics which allow self-defence not a kingdom which expects people to let burglars and murderers into our homes without a fight.

    Kick the Queen and PM Cameron out.
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  2. There we go Makes your post easier reading
  3. STFU you scottish mong! You only finally did away with feudal serfdom in 2002.
  4. So, you know the full background to the incident in question then Sherlock?
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  5. If Downs is supporting them they must be guilty.
  6. Maybe the other three robbers could get some "away day" tickets to Scotland?
  7. Peter are their no other websites, is their no cut and thrust debate on your for freedom forum?

    Is their any reason for you to be here, nobody agrees with you ok? Their are many republicans who have put forward arguments a million times stronger than yours and they have still not achieved their goal. Even Cromwell and his mates who did gain a republic never really aimed for achieving one, sort of happened by accident really.

    Seeing a new article and saying oh this is the fault of the head of state is insane Peter, its mental, do you not see that.

    Serious, Jarrod or someone can you not have a word to the right people and get this lad sectioned for his own good he has to be a danger to himself.
  8. Peter Dow, proving why Scotland deep fried Mars Bars
  9. If that PD mong keeps this up I am seriously going to have to start denying my Scottish heritage.
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  10. You know, my Mum being Scottish, real scottish highlander, not a manky lowlander like Dow, whose Family got killed and booted at the time of Culloden and the clearences, would stab Peter to death in an instance for slagging HM Queen off.
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  11. Peter, away down to Union Bridge and do the world and the city a favour.
  12. Killing someone isn't necessarily "murder". Like when a soldier kills one of the enemy, that is not "murder" either.

    I would have thought posters on an army forum could figure that one out.

    Imagine if the Queen's police were chasing after our soldiers on a battlefield arresting them everytime they shot the enemy because according to them "killing=murder" Ridiculous!

    Of course it is the fault of the head of state when the officers of the state arrest three innocent people who were simply defending themselves in their own home from attackers.

    Any good president would have told the police that they are not allowed to arrest people who were only using force to defend themselves in their own homes, and that if the police did arrest such innocents, the president would send the army to arrest the police.

    If I was president, I would be sending the army right now to get these 3 who were at home defending themselves out of jail and any police who got in the way of the army would be arrested.

    It is the Queen's fault because so long as she is there as Queen we can't have a president as head of state and the police call all the shots.
  13. PD you are an Oxygen thief of the highest order......
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  14. PD, really, you are a plank.

    Do you hail from one of the smaller islands off the coast of Scotland? I only ask because you show advanced signs of the kind of genetic mental problems usually caused by excessive inbreeding.
  15. You are Angela Lansbury and I claim my £5.