Douglas Carswell&Daniel Hannan:The Plan

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by insert-coin-here, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. As much as I hate putting any of my rapidly disappearing wealth into the pocket of a politico I decided to buy 'The Plan' written by Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell.

    I justified this to myself with the rationale that should I meet Dan in person I would of spent the money I spent on his book on buying him a few beers for his eloquent delivery of what I think (in my very mildest of moments) to Gordon Browns face.

    For those few who have not seen it....three minutes of absolute pleasure

    Well I have read and digested what they have to say,namely that our system of democracy is in its death throws and we need a change,desperately.

    For those that dont know what the premise of the book is,it is a 12 month plan to turn our failed parlimentary system into a direct democracy system.

    To cut a long story short here is the man on his own blog.

    The Plan:telegraph

    As I said I have read the book and it has actually left me feeling that there is hope for us yet...its always darkest before the dawn,so the saying goes.

    So to prevent this post from becoming a blatant plug for the book,has anyone else read it?

    If so what do you think?

    And if not its a few quid from amazon and,especially in these bleakest of times,I cannot recommend it enough.
  2. I have not read the book but I saw the speech.

    Also have seen him on TV. Sound, very sound.
  3. I have been thinking of getting the book and will now do so
  4. I am glad to hear it and if just one extra person gets the book then job done in my eyes.

    I have posted it as it seems to be the answer to so many of our problems over here.

    Trawling the threads on ARRSE there are constant complaints about the welfare state,MP and civil service corruption,quangos,the EU (the mother of all quangos),squandered wealth,the destruction of civil liberty,failed defence procurement and funding.....the list is endless.

    But worst of all is the sense of sheer desperation and helplessness that I keep seeing in some of the posts.How many times have we seen recently....'yes I will email my MP/sign this petition/vote a certain way...but it wont change anything'.

    If it does not change anything then we are not a democracy.

    The Plan is a manifesto,of sorts,on how to sort everything out within a twelve month legislative program.Having read the proposals it is not going to be difficult to change things as long as the will is there to do it.

    It will take power away from the quango state we live in and return it to the people who should have it.Us.

    The best thing is that it is not a complicated or poorly thought through WILL work and it WILL deliver.

    Should the tories adopt it as the core of any party manifesto and implement it in whole,not pick and choose,I believe that Cameron could go down in history as one of the greatest Prime ministers we have every had.

    Let me know what you think.
  5. Undoubtedly. But why the hell would they? It's like our electoral system: Everyone in Parliament knows that it's shite, and that it disadvantages the smaller parties as well as those whose support isn't concentrated in geographical areas. But the Tories and Labour do well out of it, which is why it doesn't change.
  6. Two little words which explain why smaller parties shouldn't get power:

    Lembit Opik
  7. The thing about this is that it is not about the monolithic party system as we know it.

    And it is certainly not a form of PR which would open the floodgates to mentalist losers such as Opik.(unless of course the people where he stands actually want that type of person in,he would be sussed out quick smart without the party machine to hide within).

    It is simply about making those that wield any sort of political power directly accountable to those they represent.If anything it would be a boon to independents....if a person does a good job for your area then they will stay,if not they will be out.MP's will HAVE to do what they are meant to do....represent the express wishes of those that they proport to represent.

    The talentless and self interested will be removed from the political scene,believe it or not.

    I will say again this is NOT any form of PR.It is a plan to return our democracy to health using best practice from around the world tailored to our unique set of circumstances in the UK.

    As you can tell I am right behind this...and I am far from a political cheerleader.
  8. Very, very good so far, I have just binned a night with the bird so I can finish it.
  9. Two words why larger parties shouldn't get power:

    Gordon Brown.

    I'm also a little suspicious of giving more power to local government. Think of your local council and all the incompetence, waste and petty corruption that goes on. Are these people you want to entrust with the same level of power as the Scottish Parliament?
  10. That was exactly what sprang to my mind when trying to absorb the concept.

    The Plan is about total reform...through the ballot box...the way it should be.Regional 'government' will be dismantled,local government will be transformed beyond recognition.People will get what they want from those they elect at more quango's pretending to be county councils.

    I really suggest you read the book,you owe Dan Hannan a few beers anyway :D
  11. Tory Lies!
  12. As much as think you are an ARRSE sock puppet started as a satire on Ashie,parapauk ect......I am amazed you have not been tagged/banned yet.
  13. I quite like him/her.
  14. Hello ashie, any news concerning your Dads service with the Gurkhas? I am curious why somebody with such a family connection would not want to comment on the Gurkha thread, or is it all made up?

    Here's the original post to jog your memory

  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'll get it and read it - After I've finished 'Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills' by Mark Spicer