Douglas Baders bunny is back at base 50 years on

Bader's bunny (Daily Telegraph 25 May 06)

After more than half a century, a toy rabbit - the mascot of one of Britain's most celebrated Second World War heroes - has come home.

Green and moth-eaten, the seven-inch soft toy has been presented to an RAF base from which its owner, Sir Douglas Bader, led a squadron of Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.

The rabbit is to be displayed at the entrance to station headquarters until Coltishall closes later this year. It will then be displayed at the Coltishall room at RAF Neatishead in Norfolk.


Book Reviewer
The link reckons Bader lost both legs below the knee.

Unless I am very much mistaken, he lost his right leg above the knee, so that when he wanted to drive his MG sports car again, he had his garage reverse accelerator and clutch so that he had a little more accelerator control through his left leg (below the knee) and his right leg (above the knee) only had to stomp the clutch.

According to the book, the mechanic who delivered the modified car found controlling it to be a nightmare.

Journalists. Pah.
Obviously didn't own his lucky bunny in 1931......!

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