Douglas Adams proven right?

If the Hitchiker's Guide is the shape of things to come with the Improbability Drive, is the 'impossible drive 'only a step away?

'A simple copper cone appears to pull propulsion out of nowhere. Now the US is betting $1.4m on this “impossible” space drive.'

Space engine’s ‘impossible’ drive




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Will they use a Fresh cup of really hot tea?
Probably not, the Yanks can’t make tea. And that will be the end of that.

Probably. Which reminds me I must get some flowers for the wife, maybe some petunias?
They'll perfect the technology the day before the Vogon destructor fleet arrives.
Perhaps an independent holistic agency should investigate the claims!
Time for some beer and peanuts...
These guys did some experiments to discover what happens to things left in Guinness for a month. They tried beer nuts and found that they had expanded by absorption. Anyway, you go ahead and have your glass of beer and nuts.
... So long, and thanks for all the fish ...:cool:
1.4M? Chickenfeed in the greater scheme of things. They're expecting to lose it just to show the thing doesn't work.
Don't hold your breath. Years ago, NASA had an Advanced Propulsion Research group, trying to find ways to travel faster than light. It rapidly turned into the Star Trek Fan Club as the group members' publications increasingly featured wibble about warp bubbles, gravity shielding and teleportation. IIRC NASA stopped funding the group when President Obama cut the overall funding for NASA.

I think the phenomenon described in the article does exist. It forms the basis of the Casimir effect, where two plates placed very close together experience unbalanced forces. The forces are thought to be caused by subatomic particles coming into and going out of existence spontaneously.

To say the least, this is not well understood and much research into quantum physics is trying to understand what is happening. It may be linked to the observer effect, where electrons change their behaviour if they are simply looked at by an observer.

I go with the view put forward by Stephen Hawking just before he died. Human intellect is not boundless and we've possibly reached the limits of our ability to understand the things around us. A blind man could take his guide dog to one of Hawking's lectures but the dog is never going to understand anything about cosmology.

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