Doughnut thief faces 30 years in prison.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_IRON, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Just read on Sky text that a man accused of stealing a doughnut is facing a 30 year prison sentence in the US.

    It says

    "American Scott Masters is accused of putting the doughnut into his jumper without paying, then pushing away a clerk who tried to stop him as he ran out f the shop in Farmington, Minnesota. Authoroties said the push was being treated as minor assault, which transforms a shoplifting charge into a strong-arm robbery rap-with a potential 15-years jail term attached to it.
    However prosecutors could seek 30 years because Masters has a criminal record.

    So is this another case of the Septics being over the top or should we start using a bit of their punishment on the Chavs and gangs over here. If he does get locked up will he ask his family to bring him doughnuts with a jam, custard or a file filling.
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I would imagine that they are refering to the 3 strikes and you are out (or in, rather) policy, which was introduced a while back.
  3. Get's me that we complain that the law isn't hard enough in this country then when someone else goes the other way we decry them for being too harsh. We don't know the full circumstances involved so I wouldn't like to comment but from what your saying he's already a convicted 'felon'. Many of the states work a '3 strikes and your out policy' don't know the intricacies of which but in his case it looks like 'bye bye'.
  4. It should be 'one strike and your plugged into the mains whilst being gassed with Zyclon B' for chavs, dole scroungers and pikies. I fucking hate pikies.
  5. Château OJG got burgled a few years ago-along with 12 other properties-by some mong. At the time there was a "Three strikes and you are out" law about to be enacted. Mong pleaded guilty right away to avoid a monster sentence under the forthcoming legislation. The law was withdrawn at the last minute for some tree-hugging reason or other but at least the threat of it served a purpose. (Yes, he got slapped on his release and left the area as fast as his plaster casts allowed.)
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    MDN going to be banged up! Perhaps we should start a petition to free him. :D

  7. Why?

    He's an utter cretin.
  8. If they locked me up I'd still feed my sausage out the bars so that the ladies that love me can come and give it a lick.

    Ignore Flash, he is just bitter after losing his captaincy of the 'small penis club'

  9. I'll send you the cap in the post then.
  10. so a couple of months before minister_doh_nut needs to start worrying then? 8)
  11. just realised you said 'cap' and not 'clap' :lol:
  12. Bl00dy good job too, it has to stop somewhere.

    Mind yer fingers sonny Jim.

  13. No need I have had my own one fashioned
  14. If he's a persistent lifestyle criminal who spends his days and nights robbing and thieving and generally being a plague on decent people then why not take him off the streets for 30 years?

    It doesn't matter if he made off with a few donuts or dropped litter on the pavement or drove without a tax disc. One charge is as good as another if it puts a criminoid chav pleb away where he can only harm his own kind.

    If it was a first offense 30 years might be a bit harsh - 30 lashes might go some way towards correcting his attitude though.
    It won't happen here in Do gooder land unfortunately. Donut boy would have had to have dragged the shop assistant outside by his hair and battered him around the carpark before hijacking a lorry load of donuts just to get the police to show up the same day.
    Even if he was convicted he would probably get a non custodial sentence.
  15. As much as it is a nat on the heavy side, considering this chap has previous convictions he sounds like a little bastard who needs the shite scared out of him.
    He'll probably get off with a fine.