Doubts over Lockerbie

This might be a "tin foil hat" occasion but I have always doubted that the Lockerbie investigation got the right man, and that the Libyans may have disposed of one of their agents in order to get sanctions lifted. Critics (Private Eye produced a compelling one-off supplement) point to various holes in the prosecution case and a more credible link to Iranian complicity (perhaps it is an opportune time for Dubya to jump on this bandwagon).

'Doubts' over Lockerbie evidence

Fresh doubts have emerged over the conviction of the Lockerbie bomber, BBC Scotland has learned.
The evidence of a major prosecution witness who testified during the trial of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi has been called into question.

Three men who forensic scientist Alan Feraday gave evidence against have since had their convictions quashed.

BBC Scotland understands papers on one case have gone to the commission reviewing Megrahi's conviction.

Mr Feraday is now retired after 42 years' experience in explosives.

He told the Lockerbie trial he was in no doubt that a circuit board fragment found after the disaster was part of the detonator.

The trial judges accepted his conclusion.

However, in three separate cases men against whom Mr Feraday gave evidence have now had their convictions overturned.

After the first case, which took place seven years before the Lockerbie trial, the Lord Chief Justice said Mr Feraday should not be allowed to present himself as an expert in the field of electronics.

The latest case to be quashed happened just last month.

Papers relating to the most recent case have now been sent to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, which is looking at the Lockerbie bomber's conviction.

The commission will consider whether the Lockerbie trial judges should have given so much weight to Mr Feraday's evidence.

Solicitor Eddie McKechnie, who represents Megrahi, said the information raised "serious issues" about the conviction.

If one finds that three cases have been overturned, it rather undermines one's confidence

"It is a factor that I take very seriously into account on behalf of Mr Megrahi," he said.

"One would have thought that when a professional and a government forensic expert is impugned in a number of cases... then serious issues arise."

Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora died in the bombing, said: "I'm personally not satisfied of Mr Megrahi's guilt.

"I emerged (from the trial) riddled with doubts. This will of course augment them.

"If one finds that three cases have been overturned, it rather undermines one's confidence."
Er What ya means is Tone wants ta sell item X ( lets say Eurofighter ) ta Gaddafi, so now getting the convict out , with compensation, has just becum a priority.

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