Doubling Of Road Tax By 2010

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Berlin_104s, May 1, 2008.

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  1. This was in today's Toryraph.

    The rise is largely because of an unannounced change in the rules that means an estimated 1.2 million owners of cars bought before 2006 can be taxed at the highest rate.

    The full article is HERE

    If this is true, then being the owner of a family-sized car (because funnily enough I have a family of four - 2 adults and 2 children) I have come to the conclusion that this rise combined with the ever increasing costs of fuel means that I will have to give serious consideration to getting rid of the car because I can no longer afford to run it. Very soon the ability to run a car is going to be the privilege of the well-off.

    And the hits just keep on coming!

  2. Another one of those lets not say anything that the proles won't like, but it does give them the option to back track on it at a later date.
  3. Oh,am I glad my car is registered in der Bundesrepublik!
  4. Yes I'll be one of those hit by the restrospective nature of this tax, By backdating to 2001 the vehicle banding I'll would be be paying £200 more to - B@rstard Brown & co.

    Mind you now I'll just SORN the Sunday Car for the winter and drive it more in the summer. Net result Gubmint loses out on any road tax increase from me and I drive a more polluting car more than I would have done otherwise. Good for the Enviroment then! I'm outraged. :x
  5. They wont still be in by 2010!
  6. Dog-faced-soldier,

    Their current mandate runs out in June 2010.and I suspect McBroon will cling to power until the last minuite,as he is very unlikely to win the election and will lose the leadership of the Labour Party very quickly afterwards.
  7. Does it matter which lot are in? They'll still be merrily screwing the ordinary chap while lining their own fat pockets :x
  8. Once a TAX goes up, no matter which bunch of cnuts are in charge, they very rarely go down.

    And anyway, it's part of the EU constitution that Britain has to single handidly pay in road taxes for the repair of the ozone layer. Isn't it???
  9. Sadly true, theyre not going to make life easier for us and harder for them are they.

    Sh1tty laws dont get repealed either,
  10. Ive just got higher rate Disabled Living allowance. One of the perks as well as the fabled blue badge is free road tax. Im quite looking forwards to being the only bugger who can afford to run a big car,though obviuosly I`ll have to stop eating and drinking to pay for the fuel,maybe sell a kidney too.
    And before you all plunge in calling me a scrounger,Im not,im still working and DLA comes to a princley £45/week,not quite enough to fill the car Ive got now
  11. Do what the pikeys do. Don't bother. Make up some Mongoslavian plates and Bob's yer Heinkel. You could even go one further and actually BECOME a pikey, then you could do exactly what the fcuk you like. I think they actually figured this out years ago. It's the future!
  12. Ever since cops got the power to seize uninsured cars (and pick up/recovery trucks) they seem to be behaving a bit better now!
  13. But there won't be any cops by 2010. I rarely - if ever - see any now. I've already thought of nicking some Polish plates. Who's going to stop me? I would advocate a National Take Off Your Plates & Tax Disc Day. Could you imagine it? I think this increased tax idea will fall flat, as it'll usher in total anarchy on the part of the motorist surely? Mrs Felize said as much, and she's my chauffeur. 8O
  14. Local councils, they have all the power these days, seriously. :x
  15. 'I think this increased tax idea will fall flat, as it'll usher in total anarchy on the part of the motorist surely?'

    Unfortunately not, every government since time immemorial has worked out that the Great British Public is so docile and stupid that you can pull any stunt on them and, apart from complaining about it down the pub, will meakly knuckle down and accept it.

    However, most governments don't tend to push it - this is the only government that has pushed it to the limit and beyond.