doubled op allowance!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by darcy_vu_qua, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. darcy_vu_qua

    darcy_vu_qua Swinger

    just saw this on the news just wondering if anyone could give a clue as into what i would walk away with after a 3 month tour on herrick many thanks!
  2. Weeping_Angel

    Weeping_Angel War Hero

    probably the same as what some one would have got for doing 6 months on the old rate, about £2380ish, its worked out on a daily rate.
  3. darcy_vu_qua

    darcy_vu_qua Swinger

    cheers royogtherovers im sure my wife will have a field day with that lol
  4. Army_Rizzle

    Army_Rizzle War Hero

    comes into force next month and will be backdated to May 6th
  5. danny0594

    danny0594 Crow

    It appears then that the pre election romours that it was going to get back dated to herrick 11, was cr*p.
  6. 52niagra

    52niagra Old-Salt

    Great idea, but where is the money comming fron? He`s promising to slash public spending. Now he has promised more IED teams as well as double bonus! Is he on a different planet? Or is this just as he has always been, Liberal at heart, promising everything to everybody, then delivering nothing? Sory lads, I`m trying to be a realist!
  7. But what they give with one hand they take away with the other.

    Watch other allowances disappear and Income tax and NI increase sharply. VAT will be at 20% soon.
  8. danny842003

    danny842003 War Hero

    The way i look at it is that they were both goig to happen anyway so im still going to win lol.
    In the grand scheme of things neither the op allowance or the extra money for IED teams are that larger sums of mony (not to UK plc).
    I mean if you can save a bloke who you have trained for 10 years even before compo etc you are saving a huge ammount of cash.
  9. Bodhisattva

    Bodhisattva Old-Salt

    All they have to do is to stop paying out for houses and free driving lessons for every bloody foreigner who decides to hang off the bottom of a truck on a cross channel ferry and there will be plenty of money to give you lads what you deserve.