Doublecrease in some world of his own!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Doublecrease, that eyebrow wielding gobshite, has made it quite clear to his comrades back home that the war in Iraq is hell.

    A number of 'war stories' have come back to his Section, for instance:

    1. He did the long run to the main gate at Basrah Air Station and broke a mild sweat in the 15*C.

    2. He was only allowed ONE day off a week from his office based brew making job in the hotel.

    3. He saw someone that could've been SAS, they were a bit hairy, he obviously couldn't be sure and wasn't about to ask for fear of being 'slotted'.

    4. He went to the NAAFI at night whilst the main road was particularly busy.

    5. There are mosquitos there.

    6. He could smell some poo (well who doesn't that close to Basrah?).

    7. He heard about SOMETHING that happened at a PARTICULAR grid ref involving a PERSON... yeah!

    8. He is clearly delusional.

    Please help with words of advice for doublecrease in what has to be a most difficult time, since he manages to post on arrse whilst out there as well!

    Many thanks! :wink:
  2. Who is this bafoon??
  3. Not quite a buffoon, but a chap who exaggerates the truth.

    For instance did you know he was banging this FIT interpreter in the CI Section in Basrah??? Late night duty and that and... well... urges and needs took a hold.

    His name was Errol.

    Doublecrease... yawn...
  4. aren't you two in the same section? teamwork and morale high then... ;)
  5. DC was always a chopper when I met him in the Sqn bar. Used to think he was the Big Fucking Dog!

    What a chopper! Has he grown up at all?

    And what is with that bloody eyebrow?
  6. Evening all, long time no see.

    Please tell me this isnt the T fcuking A gobbing off about somebody else BIG timing it in a bar. Say it isn't so. :D

    Anyway, back to the matter in hand. DC aint that bad of a bloke, just a bit of a work shy loon. (So a good lad then) I do know what you mean about the "eyebrow" though, that is a bit... different!

  7. You took your FUCKING time!!!! What is it? Wife let you go for an hour??????