"Double-taps" ("Blashers") Comforting sounds during Contact


War Hero
Worst - the smell of raw sewage. Basra APOD!


Have to agree with carrots the smell of any laphroaig.
sound has to be a childs laughter especially one of my granchildren.
Smell.....of goat sh1t and charcoal fire on patrol before sighting a village [in many third world countries]
Sight/Sound................."fire in the hole!" when blowing 42 tons of assorted ammo/explosives in 40ft of water - post vietnam war. Awsome!
The heady mix of waxy floor polish, infused with cigarette smoke and coffee. Usually meant the guardroom was being gutted out at about 7am, which in turn meant the stag was nearly over! That peculiar smell similar to diesel that seemed to hang in the air in the middle east. Not sure if that was just me spending too much time around the generators or what it actually smelled like out there! The grumbly, whiny engine of the pig bringing the relief into Fort George. Meant I was getting down home for a couple of days!
Sound-A JFACTSU pilot saying ''in dry'' after a long talk on and him saying ''not visual '' to your massive reference point.

Sight- The civvie airliner at Al Udied airbase as you are on the bus to get on it after an 18 hour trip to get there.

Smell- Your own stinking body when you are able to strip off completely to get in your doss bag for a straight 10 hour kip (undisturbed)

Touch-Clean bedding after you have been out on Ex/Ops for days .

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