"Double-taps" ("Blashers") Comforting sounds during Contact

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by caubeen, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. "Blashers" - Col. John Blashford-Snell RE OBE, latterly of Operation Raleigh fame - once wrote affectionately of how comforting it had been in tight spots (in Malaya and Cyprus, I think) to hear a good man close by loosing off double-taps on a Bren.

    Anyone got other favourite sounds/sights/smells, even from contacts?
  2. Hexy and Bacon Grill in the morning... you know, that compo smell, it smells like.. uh, breakfast...
  3. The feel of my silk underpants on my bum...

    Ohhhh, CONTACT
  4. The smell of avtur as you climb aboard an Aircraft.
  5. Oh yes! In the cold of a Norgy morning, I just felt the heat of the desert sun on my neck as I thought about that one. Thanks!
  6. Smell: Bacon grill does it for me too, preferably without hexamine though.

    Sound: 'Endex'

    Sight: A signed leave-pass.

    Touch: My front-door handle.
  7. can't believe nobody has mentioned the smell of napalm in the morning...
  8. The smell of Clearasil as a PTI drags you round on a run at sparrow's.
  9. sound: Noduff - Endex

    smell: Bacon grill with mixed fruit pudding and beans (lovely)
  10. Never exactly comforting but there was always the chance of somebody puking on him.
  11. Sight: The sight of an A10 circling overhead.....Oh...

    Sound: Rarden on auto giving them the good news with 6rds HE. Only happened once, but my god it calmed me down some.


    CSM T*** W***** calling everyone, "Squirrel Shit" for ducking under mortar fire. The man was a rock.

    Smell: Laphroaig 12 yr old in a freshly-opened hipflask. Bacon rolls at any time, under any circumstances.

    Touch: My balls, just to check they're still there.
  12. Is there a Civvi equivalent to bacon grill? Still cant believe its gone from the 24 hr packs!
  13. Sound:- Bagpipes at endex.
    Sight:- The combine harvister reversing back into the field and no IVCP on the other side of it. (1 mile outside Bessbrook December '89).
    Touch:- Inside of my gonk bag when chin-strapped.
    Smell:- My own kitchen on a sunday.
  14. Guess what it's called?

    This is why it tastes nice in the field when you're on your chinstrap but not at home instead of some dry cured from the butcher:

    get some here:

    I'm now going to have to put this in the Heather Mills thread!
  15. Tesco's tinned section and its still called bacon grill. Comes in a tin like the corned beef. Beautiful....