double TA call up for Herric

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HOllOS, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. the Rifles and the Royal rifles will be getting called up for afghan to serve as one unit next year this is fact as ive been told by oc not :D known what we will be doing though did hear rumour that we will look after kabul as both units have been there before
  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    As 16 bde go down south and spoil some opium farmers day.
  3. ARRC HQ protections force and other coys for Bde HQ's?

    Has anyone told the TA Sigs how many regular Signal Regiments/Squadrons are going out there?? Although call up warnings have been very quiet
  4. All the operators publicly admit to being briefed on is 97 signal squadron and related effort that will be trawled through/hosted by the various regiments for x years, and sometimes a general 'current operations' brief.. The only other things we hear are rumours, but they've been around for a good year or so, gets you thinking when SNCOs start mentioning them though. People higher up hopefully have a better idea.
  5. TA sigs on Herrick

  6. TA Sig & Stab,

    Well have to post a few rumours every now and again, but from what I've heard the TA AS Op pool was used up a year or two back. Well it must have been if no TA are going on Herrick
  7. I don't know, there's a lot of AS OP's and related mucking around - heck we have one troop that is almost fully crewed!. Just that about 20% of them can drive (although they would quite like to)! Wonder if a HGV package taught/testeed in pre-deployment training? There's some radops too, could just give them man packs and throw them at an inf platoon or anyone else for that matter... Crap. Hope I didn't just give someone an idea.

    Best rumour I heard was that a regiment would be formed for Herrick comprising of a squadron made up from each regiment in 11bde, leaving people behind to sweep up and keep the lights on. Oh and probably recruit/train to make up for the fall out at endex ;). Saying that we've heard squat and most people in the regt have not even heard of Herrick.
  8. We had TA sigs out with us on Telic? Something to do with bowman or something, they didn`t stay long anyway?

    Just out of interest how often do TA get called up, are they on your back all the time? Compared to reservist?

    Once they got your number are they on your case all the time?
  9. As TA can you decline the kind offer?
  10. If you are in a reserved trade, but also in the TA, can you decline operational tours, if your employer can`t spare you?

    We had a fireman and a police officer out on Telic with us, one was TA, the other volunteered. What would be the score if they were called up and didn`t want to go, if they were both in the TA?
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    As someone with access to the web why don't you make an effort to look it up for yourself - most of this stuff is on the TA website or the sabre website - both easily found from the MOD's own.

    You're posting a lot of questions this morning - writing an essay/article are we?
  12. Scary,

    I can smell trolling journalist from some rag like the Grauniad. Just a thought...

  13. Have tried the avenues you suggest could really find what I was look for hence my posts on this topic. Gave up in the end, and have written to Glasgow to see if they can answer my questions.
    But thanks for your replies anyway.
    Sorry not a journalist, just a box stand joe.
  14. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    Didn't try very hard then?

    Try Here for some clues.

    as for this bit
    If those were three statements two of them were wrong. I wasn't there but I'm sure someone who was will be along to put you right fairly shortly....

    H_M - that was certainly how it sounded to me....
  15. Just been asked if want to go out with a reinforced platoon in March attached to the ARRC support Bn (whoever they are?) but sounds like it will be a duff job stagging on at ARRC HQ as cant see a platoon getting anything above checking passes on a desk or gate, simply too few men. Anyone got anything they can add about this before I have to decide? PM if you want.