Double standards?

Today everyone on my unit received a copy of the Strike Command Fraud Policy Statement, a leaflet which seeks to warn us all that the illicit acquicition of a paperclip could result in the sky falling in, cancellation of birthdays and other unpleasantness.

However, I was interested to read the foreword, the relevant parts of which I reproduce below:

'As Crown Servants, we are expected to observe high standards of personal honesty and integrity..... I have a 'zero tolerance' towards fraud and theft. ...even small scale offenders may be prosecuted and/or dismissed. I expect the highest standards to be maintained.'

The foreword was written by none other than Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Burridge, recently reported by our favourite paper, the Mirror, to have been somewhat less than a paradigm in the integrity stakes:

Just as long as we know where we stand.... :lol:
If you are talking 'standards'? How short is your memory? What the hell are you doing reading the Mirror?
Even if you believe what you read in $hit rags like the Mirror, Sun, Mail et al, what does his private life have to do with fraud and theft?
Booty said:
Even if you believe what you read in $hit rags like the Mirror, Sun, Mail et al, what does his private life have to do with fraud and theft?
Nothing to do with fraud and theft, but everything to do with a senior officer setting an example for those he commands, particularly when he expects 'high standards of personal integrity'. I did not quote the whole text, because it is six pages and I can't be arsed to type it all. However, it does mention the need to avoid behaviour which might be seen to compromise personal judgment and integrity, or give the impression of same. Some may feel that committing adultery, or at least getting caught, may call judgment and integrity into question. I found the situation rather ironic; I did not in fact comment on whether I believed it or not.

The story was not confined to the tabloids, it was also featured in the 'heavies'.
Can we not do him on AGAI 67 as exacctly the same thing happened to one of my Sgts.Sureley the operational effectiveness is in question. :oops:
Moral standards only seem to apply when the subject is a jnr rank or SNCO. I am aware of a unit in BFG in which a jnr was deployed and whilst away his wife had it away with an officer from the same Regiment.
When said soldier found out and complained, the CO decided nothing untoward had happened as the officer claimed no affair took place as they went straight into a relationship and were going to get married when she obtained her divorce!
No problem there then!
Not forgetting the example of a WO2 in my trade - massively qualified and experienced, commanded the respect of all around him and a good lad to boot. Except he had a tryst with someone else's wife (not in his chain of command, if that matters any).

Said WO2 now a Cpl. Will Biggles now be one too? Can't quite see it myself.
But VB, you miss the point! he may well of ditched the woman who stood by him during his long climb up the slippery pole, but he wasn't found with any bottles of "Banner" correcting fluid in his possession! :roll:
Does this apply to the civil servants who are trying to trouser a 80-90% pay increase for laying off a sh!tload of their minions?

From the Sunday Times:

Mandarins plan to give themselves 90% pay rise
David Leppard and Robert Winnett

BRITAIN’S senior civil servants have drawn up proposals that would see them receive pay rises of up to 90%, taking their top salaries to nearly £500,000 a year.
The plan, revealed in leaked documents, will spark outrage in Whitehall, where 70,000 low-level civil servants, together with 14,000 outside London, face the axe under Treasury plans to improve efficiency.
I hope the unions give them hell over the forthcoming months! One suggestion would be to work out the "productivity" clauses in senior civil service contracts, and plan enough industrial action to negate them! :twisted:

The foxhunters are correct - drastic steps are needed to protect existing rights.
I recall that the Air Chief Marshal in question was reported as having been picked up by his driver from his "love nest", imprudently located near a certain RAF base. I have also seen abuse of public funds by those who should know better, staff cars being used on non-working days and the like! And our seniors tend to be the worst in the world when it comes to security - I've observed some startling breaches (especially post-TELIC) that a JO or ranker would be reamed for - unfortunately, sod-all happened when the arrse-wiping became too much and I reported the final one!
still seeing them from where i am now, management dont seem to give a feck , but hey, day in day out i will still rock their boat about it :twisted:
....Military officials launched an investigation into the relationship and concluded their affair did not actually start until after he returned home from his base in Qatar in May last year...
yerrr right. How did they do this investigation(if they this)(and without violating FOI and Data Protetion)? Someones asks him? Someone asks her? Thats it?

Yep, a full scale investigation.

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