Double Standards ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ramillies, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Drastic cuts for those Divisions in the UK – travel, exercises, fuel – it seems to be everything. We all want to belong to a thriving, up and coming organisation and yet the majority of our staff officers spend all their time trying to balance the books rather than developing military capability as we are trained to do.

    We read in the papers about politicians travelling the world, eg. Prescott in the Bahamas and other senior civil servants spending money as if it was water, whilst those in the Services struggle and scrimp to make ends meet.

    It reeks of double standards to me.
  2. Your thread title of Double Standards implies that the Fat Fool has some standards to start with!
  3. Posts deleted.

    It's a serious topic and an important one.Please treat it as such.

  4. Now, now. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

    Ramillies has a point. Tony and the Piefinder General are both on world tours in first class at our expense. No doubt they and their entourage spent some time in the VIP lounge at Heathrow - at a cost to us of £245 per person per visit! I believe Tone even chartered a BA 777 to fly him between Gatwick and Heathrow.

    Meanwhile troops in Iraq and Afghanistan spend their leave in tents in the desert because the world's last flying Tristars have developed another fault.
  5. The 'Double Standards' of this disgusting government are now practically unbelieveable.

    No checks on expenses and smoking allowed in parliament are just two.

    Before 'Sven' starts, I am just as disgusted by the fatuous and self-important fool representing Old Bexley & Sidcup and his astonishing employment of his wife AND son, whose salaries are paid for by MY tax !!

    The news that the fat and useless oaf Prescott is travelling the globe at MY expense fills me with such anger that I can barely breathe.


    As for the disgraceful Bliar wandering about aimlessly, what else has he done for the past ten years. I do not favour assassination, but in his case I think I would make an exception !
  6. How about the military top brass who are having large amounts of money spent on their official residences as they are in the duty of "entertaining" (and they make no objection to this spending) whilst the families of their soldiers are, in some cases, living in near abject squalor? THAT is also double standards, n'est pas?
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Want to give an example?
  8. No not really.
  9. Mais non -
    it's a non story pushed out by the spin doctors to deflect the electorates mind from the excesses of Blair's and Prescott's waste of taxpayets' money.

    It also gives Broon a manufactured excuse to cut more funding to the Military. :mad:
  10. 15 years moving from one MSQ to another at least every 2 years. (not all unit moves I might add just adding bedrooms :roll: )
    The most I ever had to complain about was a stain on a carpet or a scratch on the furniture. Have things really changed that much.
  11. In T' Daily Mail (no link) from last week there was an item that the GOC NI had had a not insignificant amount of money spent tarting up his residence. It seems this en vogue with most persons of this rank and status as "according" to an MoD spokesman this is because the General entertains foreign dignatories etc.

    The Butler. You are very fortunate and I would wager you are not the only person who has had a decent standard of MQ. I recently stayed with friends who are stationed in Hants and they (along with the entire unit) live in new housing that has all been recently built and some of the MQs look like mini town houses. I just feel that in an age where our Forces personnel are expected to go off and pay tribute to Bliars Foreign Policy Legacy that they should be given housing that is of an acceptable standard and not, as I have seen first hand. housing complete with damp, mould, rot (this doesnt mean some wives either)and goodness knows what else. When the families try to report it then, at the very least, they should be given a sympathetic nonpatronising ear and the work should be done asap and not when some bureaucrat at DHE decides.
  12. I think the most shocking thing about Prezza's Caribbean junket is that he has gone on "holiday" and is actively touting for duty calls whilst there, so he can claw back the "costs"...
  13. How dare you Cuddles?

    The DPM has made 3, fifteen minute speeches during his trip emphasising that slavery was a very bad thing. If you have a problem with that, you are clearly a racist. But you are no doubt too busy getting your white robes and hood tailored at Gieves and Hawkes to realise that.

    At a total cost of 50,000 quid that works out at only a little over a grand a minute of speaking time. I'm sure you'll agree that's remarkable value, especially as the DPM spoke about that little known campaigner Martha Luther King (was she Martin's sister? Answers on a postcard please).

    I also note that the DPM and his entourage refused offers of free accommodation at the British consulates and High Commissions in the places they visited. Instead they installed themselves in the finest 4 and 5 star hotels that their host cities had to offer. 300 dollars a night (each) is a small price to pay to relieve our diplomats of the onerous task of cooking a Prescott breakfast every morning.

    After such an onerous schedule, who would deny Prezza and his security detail (shown below) a few days off in a beach resort. He's in his sixties you know.


    The Prezzadential Security Detail in tropical kit
  14. Exactly... and there are hard pressed staff officers in the UK Divisions struggling to find the savings mandated upon them from above.... and yet we have the DPM, other high ranking civil servants and others spending money on trips abroad and very expensive hotels. It makes you wonder why we bother !

    Those in high office need to remember the standards expected of them !