Double standards ?

????? has been banned a number of times but is being allowed back because he is "towing" the line....are other banned users going to be permitted a another chance ?

and yes I've been banned before.
Not double standards at all, Blag.

"?????" isn't being "allowed back", we've simply requested that it's considered. More to the point, though, the request is, as you yourself put, "....because he is towing the line".

As I said on another thread, his behaviour was appalling at times and tbh I was relieved (for the site) when he was banned. Not because it meant the end of him but because it meant a curb on the damaging behaviour.

If, through a combination of the site mod and Flashy himself being man enough to step back from his "hunt at all costs" stance, he becomes the valuable member he was again then hopefully reinstating may not be a problem.

Most other banned members are banned because of their natural incompatibility with the site and their complete, repeated and, often, very vocal refusal to make any effort whatsoever to fit in with any part of the site community. Given how large and varied that community is, being unable or unwilling to fit in with any part of it takes real talent of a sort that we really don't need!
Thanks spunky, although I think it smacks of real double standards, I hope ????? is allowed to stay, the site needs his ilk.

The_Lord_Flasheart_VI said:
Who the fuck are we on about now??
Something about armourer getting banned apparently.

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