Double Standards?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by deerhunter, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Yes, I realise this may seem a little insensitive and, being a parent myself, my thoughts are with Gerry and Kate McCann, but do you think that this case would have been reported completely differently, had the parents of the missing child not been middle-class professionals?

    Had it been Liam Phillips and Hailey Jones, unemployed labourer and trainee hairdresser from Salford who had left their three children unsupervised while they went for a meal (at 10pm - did they not eat with the children earlier?), the press would have had a field day. I can imagine the headlines from the tabloids, irrespective of how frequently the parents went back to check on the the kids and how far away the restaurant was.

    I was on holiday in a villa some ten minutes' drive from where Maddie was abducted at Easter, and regardless of how nice the area is, we would never have considered leaving our children unattended while we went on the piss.
  2. The CPS would already be working on the prosecution!
  3. The News of the World would have already an exclusive of how the mother was abused by a goat from an early age and the father had been raised in a gay relationship..... all personally interviewed by Max Clifford but overseen by Alistair Campbell

    But in end it is a 5 year old little girl whose parents should have known better and not left their 3 kids alone. why did they not eat together or get a babysitter from the hotel? the tears now are too late
  4. No,another bone thread from someone who has been within a 5hour jet flight from where it all happened and is an authority on the subject.
    Class has got fcuk all to do with it but perhaps the papers are exercising a little more restarint than a clueless fcukwit as yourself!!
    MODs lock it down please!!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's got bugger all to do with their class.

    I sympathise with their loss, but the fact that they left their kids unsupervised, even though they where on-site means that they are irresponsible morons.
  6. Sorry Hat, but I have to agree with deerhunter.

    It is the double standards of the press and the Media....

    I notice the NOTW is now playing the "we want to be the biggest" with a now reported £1.5 million for the recovery of Maddie.

    I hope for one they get the little girl back, but I would never have left any child of mine - let alone in a flat on the ground floor, next to the street in a dark area whilst I was 150 metre's away in a restaurant
  7. What a cuntish post.
  8. This unappealing couple are :
    a. Not professional
    b. Not middle-class

    They have my most profound sympathy for the anguish they are undergoing. It must be hellish. But it's not to be compared to what their little girl has/is enduring.

    She is the one who matters here.

    They appear to have lost whatever professionalism and personal dignity they had, when they lost their infant daughter.

    Their class is self-evident.

    Would you wish them to be your doctors?
  9. Well,I'm glad to see the old superiority complex is alive and well in us all. Nice one.
    Instead of bleating ,' Why did they?' have a thought for the parents. One wrong decision. That's all this took.
    Who has never made one wrong choice about their kids ?
    You ?
    And keep personal class grievances out of it. No-one gave a damn about class with Jamie Bulger, did they ? Caroline Hogg ? The Soham Murders?
    We are talking about a child who may never be held by her parents again.Tonight, when you put your kids to bed, or the next time you get to do so, count your lucky stars.There but for the Grace of God. End of.
  10. No, it's not a superiority thing, it's not because we recently were "five hours' flight from there" or whatever the comment was.

    It's about the press, and it's about perceived double standards - read the title. It's posted on this site to generate discussion.

    And please do not, in reading this thread, take the moral high ground and imagine that our concern for this little girl is any less than anyone reading or contributing to this site.

    For fuck's sake.
  12. Then the parents should never forgive themselves for putting their child to bed then walking out and leaving that child alone, whilst they buggered off for drinkies etc.There are some 'wrong decisions' that you kick yourself for but don't cause too much harm.This was not one of those decisions, this was a selfish, arrogant, ignorant choice by the parents of this poor child.To stay in and look after their children or to go out and not give a damn!
    If this had been in the UK and they had wandered down the street leaving their kids alone, they would be being investigated! The fact they were abroad should not change the fact that they left that property with no adult in it.Not sure if it has anything to do with class as anyone who can afford those facilities can holiday in them and class doesn't always mean money and vice versa.
  13. Bollox. I remember when I was a young un, we use to go to the Holiday Camp in Skeggy. In every bar, club, theatre and function on site, there was a board in the corner with "BABY CRYING IN CHALET......" on it. Look at old reruns of Hi Di Hi for the same thing. It has been thus for ages. This child was taken for a reason. There were two other children in there that were left alone. Whoever did this knew what the score was. And as an aside, today is the poor mites 4th birthday. Let us leave the recriminations for after the situation has been resolved.

    And stop chopsing about class. You are Irish FFS.
  15. Why is this in Naafi Bar?

    It should have started in Current Affairs, and will hopefully end up in the Arrse Hole.

    Oy Tim Collins, check PMs.