Double standards?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. I see from news reports on the arson attack on the Islamic Centre in London that the Police are investigating and keeping an open mind, they have no suspects and it is early stages yet. Pretty much the same situation for the recent vandalism incident on the Bomber Command memorial in London. The former had EDL scrawled on the wall and the latter Islam.

    It is interesting to note some of the comments quoted by the BBC < BBC News - Al-Rahma Islamic Centre destroyed in 'hate crime' fire > that have undertones of suggestion that it is the work of right wing extremists/rascists/Islamophobes. However with the Bomber Command Memorial the response was "well it could have been anyone doing that, possibly EDL of the like trying to stir up things" which seems to me to be the correct approach, until you have the definitive answer don't start inventing one.

    Why the difference approach?
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  2. You obviously don't understand the implications of the race relations act, or the concept of "positive discrimination". The double standard is statute law.
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  3. Maybe it was Muslims that did it?

    As a false flag attempt to raise tensions and cause problems.
  4. The anti-terrorism police are putting serious efforts into finding those who attacked the mosque.
  5. Sounds more like an insurance scam
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  6. So wait. Are you saying that because there was some EDL graffiti on a mosque that burnt down, that it was definatly the EDL that burnt it down. Do you call that conclusive proof that the EDL burnt it down?So by your logic, the person who painted the sign Titanic on the Titanic was responsible for it sinking? Get a grip. and stop joining the hysterical crowd that are shouting stupid accusations without being aware of the facts.

    The only conclusive thing about the EDL graffiti is that the EDL did it....and even that may not be the case as someone could have been trying to 'frame' the EDL. The same applies to the graffiti at the Bomber Command Memorial. It was probably Islamic lunatics, but could have been someone trying to 'frame' islamic lunatics.
  7. I think the point is that the Islam graffiti was very quickly suggested to have been a EDL/right wing false flag act, where as the EDL graffiti is being just as quickly shown to be "proof" that they did it.

    No actual proof or evidence in either case but the way the two cases are being commented on in the media is very telling.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    and insurance you cant forget the insurance. more AQ manual stuff about sewing distrust I do believe.
  9. Absolutely. Cabana, try reading my post again (if you want to that is).
  10. While both incidents could quite easily have been False Flag incidents, I had also noted the difference in approach to reporting in the media, which does seem to indicate an amount of double standards.
    Which, Cabana, was the point of the original post, I believe.

    Try reading before bumping your gums.
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  11. My apologies. I read the post too fast and was in a bit of a rush.
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  12. I've seen Four Lions so I know who did it.
  13. I would have thought that, as the graffiti is spelt correctly in both cases, it could not have been EDL.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    As I understand it, the Bomber Command Memorial was sprayed with paint - not good but relatively easy to rectify - therefore a higher suspicion that it could have been an EDF sympathiser trying to stir things up.

    In the other incident, someone's torched a mosque, which is quite a formidable level of damage to be self-inflicted as well as probably being a cultural no-no with 'Life of Brian' consequences for any of the Faithful associated with such an act, so a much lower suspicion that it was an Islamic nutjob trying to stir things up.

    There are lots of things to be outraged about in our multi-culti paradise but I honestly don't think the treatment of these two stories is one of them.