Double Standards on Human Rights.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteRabbit, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Guardian opinion piece on Amnesty dispute.

    In essence, the head of Amnesty International's gender unit, Gita Sahgal, criticised its close association with Moazzam Begg in an article in the Sunday Times. Among other things, she pointed out "the obvious but significant fact that being a victim of human rights violations does not automatically make you a defender of human rights". For her public dissent, Sahgal's been suspended by AI which is also filtering out negative comments about the issue on its website.

    Over the past ten years AI has definitely taken a turn away from its original mandate of maintaining a completely impartial focus on human rights abuses wherever they happened, irregardless of whoever was the abuser or victim. Instead, there has been a shift towards highlight issues such as poverty and economic globalisation and I get a sense that there was a mood change towards 'taking sides' as it were. Nothing epitomised that for me more than when Irene Khan responded to Tony Blair's use of AI's factsheet on Saddam's Iraq with a stuttering "Yeah, but no, but yeah..." Either they are the facts or they are not. It's not AI's job to lend its facts only to those causes which it approves.

    Anyway the article: