Double standards on extradition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gadgwah, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Yeah but no but yeah...................

    The thing is that we have different extradition agreements in place with Turkey than we do with the USA.

    So they are not double standards, more different standards.

    I think.
  2. But: How can we extradite someone to the states for something that is NOT a crime in UK. Yet use that as a reason for refusal in this case, that is the bit I don't get.

  3. Because the extradition arrangements are different. I don't like it either but there is nothing to see here. You might as well rant at the stars for twinkling.
  4. What fuckwit signed us up to such a one sided agreement then?

    If it is blatantly unfair why do we not tell them to poke it.

    As for the original story about Sarah Ferguson seems Turkey have the ******** with her for publicising how poorly the Turkish state treats its orphaned children.... In the UK or USA she could well have been put forward for a Pullitzer prize for such a report.
  5. [​IMG]

    'Cos it's the law. The Extradition Act 2003 does not require the Americans to provide evidence in order to extradite someone from Britain. Once they set foot in America, they can be tried under US law for offences committed in the UK. It's extradition on demand.
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  6. So much for Magna Carta it seems.
  7. To be fair, you'd think the Turks would be more interested in sorting out their orphanariums than chasing Fergie...