Double Standards and 2 faced hypocrisy of the US Admin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Gotta love the irony US Admin were praising protestors in Egypt and Libya and are seen to back them yet American citizens protesting on Wall Street get nicked

    What a Custer **** of a situation for the White House

    BBC News - Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

    About 500 people from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement have been arrested on New York City's Brooklyn Bridge, police say.

    Those arrested were part of a larger group crossing the bridge from Manhattan, where they have been camped out near Wall Street for two weeks.

    Some of the protesters entered the bridge's roadway where they were met by a large police presence and detained.

    The loosely-organised group is protesting against corporate greed.

    They say they are defending 99% of the US population against the wealthiest 1%.

    Occupy Wall Street called for 20,000 people to "flood into lower Manhattan" on 17 September and remain there for "a few months".

    Several hundred remain camped at Zuccotti Park, a privately owned area of land not far from Wall Street.

    A police spokesman quoted by Reuters said the arrests came "after multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway.

    "Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested. Others locked arms and proceeded on the Brooklyn-bound vehicular roadway. The latter were arrested," the spokesman said.

    Some of the protesters said police had allowed them on to the roadway and were escorting them across when they were surrounded and the arrests began.

    "It is not fair that our government supports large corporations rather than the people," protester Henry James Ferry told the BBC.

    "I only heard about the protest on day one when I came across it. I then decided to go back every day," he said.
    March on police HQ

    The protesters have had previous run-ins with New York's police.

    On Friday, about 2,000 people marched under the Occupy Wall Street banner to New York's police headquarters to protest against arrests and police behaviour.

    Some 80 people were arrested during a march on 25 September, mostly for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic, but one person was charged with assaulting a police officer.

    A series of other small-scale protests have also sprung up in other US cities in sympathy with the aims of Occupy Wall Street.
  2. No "hidden" agenda with you is there?
    No need to hold back, REALLY let us know what you feel about the various issues effecting the World!
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  3. Despite the fact that we all know of US hypocrisy and double standards, I have no idea how you can compare the protestors on Wall Street to the protesters in Libya and Egypt etc who essentially were protesting/fighting for their lives after being oppressed by dictators for decades. I assume by your OP that you also think that the rioters in UK recently should not have been condemned and should have been left to it as well. Take a reality pill before posting such nonsense again.
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  4. Hate to break this to you, but you have no right to walk in the road in the USA, it's generally an offence - jay walking.
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  5. Most were arrested for deciding to block the brooklyn bridge vehicular paths instead of the pedestrian paths.

    This is a comglomeration of soapdodgers, upper class faux Che Guevaras, dead ender hippies who still think lennons alive, rent a anarchists, and 9-11 truther nuts who are demanding the US change its constitution and redistribute all wealth and land

    In the meantime they occupy Zuccotti park (private property) and use it as a toilet and base of operations.

    By the way the smelly are being taken in by NYPD, not the FBI, CIA, Army, Rand Corp Reverse Vampire Cheney, and 99% get charges dropped historically. which is good as the Che Wannabes dont want it in their resumes at Law firms and investment houses when they graduate in a few years

    Note there is no ground swell until they thought a free concert was going to happen
  6. All governments practice hypocrisy to some degree or other. Our own dear Mother (of Parliaments) loves to lecture other nations on the need for accountability, transparency, integrity and popular participation.
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  7. And quite easy to be run over by a cab driver from Bandgladesh or soccer mom in a SUV

    Mapping Pedestrian Deaths in New York City -

  8. Says it all really doesn't it - Don't go on the bridge - You'll be arrested. They went on the bridge (road part) and were arrested.

    Case Closed your Honour.

    Don't worry - Chuffed Tits will be along to whinge in a minute or two about the NYPD and the death penalty.
  9. What does this mean? This 'Chuffed Tits'?
    Is it humour? Or merely the banging of a dullard's head against his cage bars?

    Jay walking? Ah yes.... Very smug sunnoficarus. Very smug.
    Listen up folks! (As our American cousins say) The revolution really is coming! There are signs a-plenty.....
    When one says 'the poor', one now includes an ever-increasing section of the populace, both in the UK and the US. People are getting desperate. Food or warmth this winter? Food or warmth? Can you imagine? Apparently not.

    .......... And you know what ex-Donkey-bloke? By the time you realise how serious this shit really is....... And that you've been cheerleading the wrong side........ It'll be too late for you to do anything about it....
  10. It's an old joke, but I do love it.

    An anti terrorist excercise carried out in a wood to find a muslim rabbit.

    The CIA spend millions on pet food to recruit woodland informers. On getting no info they write a report saying the rabbit doesn't exist.

    The FBI set fire to wood killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and claim they all had it coming for harbouring a fugitive.

    The NYPD enter the wood and emerge with a bear which has two black eyes, a broken nose and is clutching it's balls saying: 'OK, OK, I'm a rabbit, I'm a rabbit'

    You can't deny the NYPD have a certain ''reputation'.
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  11. some nypd copper was filmed walking up to some protestors being watched by other plod empty his pepper spray into them gassing one of his officers in the process and then walking off.
  12. Aint no one starving here due to Wall Street, and the revolution? most of the "Che's" dont own firearms and only interested in daddies platinum card for next semester or getting a 5 buck coffee at a starbucks. Most of this weekends protestors were scammed to attend with a fake promise of a radiohead concert. Earlier in the week they tried to March on 1PP (One Police Plaza, NYPD Headquarters) and got lost. Its not even a Mile as the crow flies FFS. If that's your revolutionaries, I cant wait till Winter and see how they get along.
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  13. There's an even less-PC version of that joke in which the LAPD emerges from the woods dragging a black man who is bleeding from gunshot wounds to his legs while LAPD Officers beat him with batons and shout, "Confess you bastard - we know you're the ****ing rabbit!":threaten::twisted:
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  14. Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna- and now his wife, kids are threatened by anonymous internet anarchists. its all about liberty dont ya know.
  15. Now that's some prime bullshit. Right there!