Double Ration Rights

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smoojalooge, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. Recently heard a duty rumour that soldiers over certain height are entitled to double rations can anyone confirm and give a reference as if this is true i intend to have some fun with the pay as you dine muppets
  2. i believe me and my RE comrades r entitled to double rations...being the hard working bunch we are!!
  3. Just imaginging the fun you can have telling payd lot you are legally entitled to buy one get one free
  4. Could this be seen as discrimination against soldiers below a certain height?

    What about soldiers over a certain width?
  5. I last had double rations during the foot and mouth outbreak of 1968 (yes Henry is really that old) after being on haversack rations for three days.
  6. never heard of double rations based on height, and being both 6'6" and always looking for ways to exploit the system would probably know if such a rule existed. I used to demand my milk entitlement when I was under 18 though - don't know how that will work under PAYD (if it still exists these days).
  7. RE are entitled to double rations only in exceptional circumstances - i.e when thrashing in a bridge over an extended period of time. Have only ever had them once in my career although this may be because a) no one thought to apply for them or b) I usually just sit on my arrse :wink:
  8. We had double rations in Macedonia when we were puting in an Artillary shelter - I think we went three or four days without sleep, so we had a fourth meal in the night.
  9. My mate had double rations, 6 Foot Fcuk me and he said he had a chit. He went on to be some bit part player in a "Hollywood" production of - Harry Pitta, playing a big lumbering Jock alcoholic, who FCuking loved Kebabs, Not bright, but could lift heavy things. Now changed my name to Sedge_Ton_Wapper. That'l throw him.
  10. I don't know if a certain Irishman was entitled to double rations - I cant for the life of me remember his name, but he was huge - in 42 around 98/99ish.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Mate of mine ex coldstreams claims they all got it at 6' and 16 stone.
  12. most of us engrs just look we are on double rations :lol: :lol:
  13. i believe Lynx pilots eat double rations :)
  14. so is there anyone able to give a definate answer for this
  15. smooj, phone 655 Sqn AAC at RAF Aldergrove. they will be able to tell you how they get their double rations.