Double-minded "Commander in Chief"

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. The Great One's campaign has sued to stop an Ohio law broadening the voting rights of the very same military members He for whom He is the Commander in Chief--I am sure it has nothing whatever to do with the fact that Ohio is a "swing" state and important to His re-election. Despicable.

    Military Groups Oppose Obama Campaign Ohio Early Voter Suit - Bloomberg
  2. What he said ^

    In the US there's plenty of other ways to vote if you can't make it down to the polling station. Absentee / Postal stuff, by Proxy and the Early voter system will still be in place. There is no genuine reason for the Armed forces to require three more days than everyone else. They have plenty of time, and plenty of different ways to vote.

    And frankly, if you can't organise yourself well enough to get your vote cast on time then that's your problem, serving or not.
  3. i assume its in his benefit if swathes of the US military arent able to vote?
  4. At least he won't be fiddling the system to stop black people voting...
  5. I thought the demographic of the US Military was swinging towards more black and latinos than whites?
  6. The entire US demographic is swinging that way not just the US forces.
  7. There are occasions when proxy voting is the only way some service personnel can vote. Some people don't want to be forced to give their vote to someone else.

  8. You are correct.
  9. What you said.
  10. More "brown" than "black" if birth rates are an accurate indicator.
  11. Plenty of Time? guess you've never been on active service or on filed trainingmore than a day
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  12. Add to that the ever so patriotic but even more partisan election officials in a number of states in recent elections who do all they can--sometimes even illegally (aka "the Chicago Way") to "lose," disqualify or otherwise fail to count absentee militAry votes on the assumption they are for the other side. I leave it to you to suds which is which.
  13. Is it always the way that a Democractic President is less appealing to the Military then a Repubican one?
  14. I can't speak for all the military, but in my experience since JFK I would say that is true in general and especially with the Great One whose partisan perspective and desire to manipulate public opinion into votes as reflected in the post Bin Laden publicity blitz using very sensitive classified sources, means and methods details to make Him appear "tough.". I happen to still have contacts in the know who tell me ST-6 are to a man livid over the "leaks" since they make the next such mission even more difficult and dangerous.