Double jeopardy??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sniper005, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Already posted this one on another forum but just to start a discussion..........I am currently working in a custody centre in a busy town police station. Quite a lot (but by no means the majority) of our Friday and Saturday night business comes from squaddies based in the local area who for whatever reason can't hold their drink and end up getting locked up for minor public disorder and the odd punch up.
    Anyway, given the minor nature of most of their offences I usually fling them in a cell until they are sober enough to be dealt with and then issue them with a fixed penalty (usually £80) and boot them out the door to make their own way home.
    The point I am slowly coming to is this. When I kick them out I am often asked by other police officers and my detention officers whether I am going to report these miscreants to the MPs who are in the area. This with a view to getting said sqauddies some extra punishment for their misdeeds.
    The misapprehension is that the squaddie will "get a bollocking off the Sgt Major". Obviously these people are unaware of the Army Act or the Naval Discipline Act which could cost the scallywag a lot more than a bollocking.
    Now don`t get me wrong.. if these guys had done anything seriously wrong I would be amongst the first to call them to a full account, and heaven help them if they assault any of my officers or staff, but these offences are the sort that quite a lot of us also committed during our youth.
    There are very few jobs where you face further disciplinary action following transgressions elswhere, whats to be gained from dropping some poor sod further in the shit than he already is???
    I would add that some of the most vociferous in calling for the MPs are ex forces themselves!!??
  2. You cannot face disciplinary action for one offence and then face disicplinary action subsequently for the same offence on the same facts.

    You can face administrative action following disciplinary action - on the same facts.

    The question I have is in respect of my bold in your quote.

    On what basis can you say whether something is seriously wrong or not, and justifies reporting to the RMP? If an employee of ASDA had been arrested for a misdemeanour - would you consider reporting him to the regional manager of that company for extra punishment?

    In order to preserve any consistency and avoid allegations of police persecution against the military (which this is), then you should either:

    Always deal with it yourself.
    Always deal with it yourself and inform the military.
    Always inform the military and do not take any action.

    To have certain offences reported to the military on the spurious whim of a police officer who happens to believe that it may be serious is surely confusing the role of the police with that of the courts.