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Double Glazing

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Banshee_09, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Right guys,

    i'm currently in the market for new windows and doors, i've got the cash to pay for them outright, but obviously i want to get a good deal on them.

    so from the experience of you lot out there, what's the best way to get a good deal from these people??

    is it
    A: to kidnap and lock in the cellar the first sales rep to come round, and ask the company to give me a good deal in return for their safe release??

    B: Ensure i'm waiting for the sales rep in some sort of gimp outfit, so that they just give me their best offer straight away and then leave me in peace??

    C: await the sales rep to go through the "todays price" bollox, and then casually start to polish my shotgun with a mad far away look in my eyes??

    D: start by telling the sales rep i need double glazing in order to stop the voices i can hear??

    any other advice on getting a good deal/making them stop bothering you will be appreciated!

    hooped. mk
  2. When dealing with any salesperson if you wait until the end of the month they'll always give you a better deal as they're chasing a target and the £ signs from the commision will be flashing in their eyes!
  3. Draw up exactly what you want, showing size of openings (i.e. the hole the frame will sit inside) and positions of fixed, opening and tilt/turn windows. Also state whether you want uPVC, aluminium or timber.

    Post this to all glazing companies, asking for their absolutely cheapest quote, letting them know that you've sent it everywhere, on the understanding that the firm with the best price will be invited to send a rep to discuss enhanced features (which will double the quote, no doubt).

    Learn technical words - mullion, transom, glazing bead, weep, U value, thermal and solar-reflective coatings - and throw them into the conversation with the rep. Ask him to confirm that they're internally glazed and that low level and door glass is kite marked to BS6206.

    From this he'll guess that you're in the trade yourself and will be less likely to try to rip you off.
  4. And book appointments with 3 rival companies and time it so one rep is turning up as the previous one is leaving, then keep phoning them in turn with knocked down prices.

    Even better, have them all turn up at the same time, watch them kick each other to death, then fill their order forms in for them at the amazing knock down price of feck all!!
  5. You can either do it their way which will mean spending at least one night per quote being sold to, or do it your way which means you should be able to get through 3 or 4 in a couple of nights.

    To do it your way you have to ensure that you retain control of the meeting at all times. First you need to do your research, in general avoid the big national companies, their guys are reluctant to leave your house without the order, even with a police escort. Choose what style of window you want, they all have lots of styles and not knowing what you want lets them gain control. Chat to some people who have just bought windows if you can you can learn a lot that way. Select your victims, a mix from reasonably large regional to local should do. Phone up and ask for an appointment, on your terms, so if you have et aside a couple of days stick to that, if some one can't make it they don't need the business enough to give you a good price. Pick times near the end of the month as salesmen are looking to meet targets for bonuses.

    When they arrive, you lead from the moment you open the door, tell him what you want, that you want a quote, and will not be buying that night, you have other quotes to get. Let him measure the windows, if he does the quote on the spot let him finish take the quote and thank him as you usher him out. Do not weaken or your whole evening is blown
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Don't use Everest, Anglian, or any others which advertise on National TV - guess where your money is going - it isn't on quality windows!

    Find a local company or two. Ask for the names and addresses of satisfied customers. Talk to those people and ask about their experiences before choosing.

    Play the companies off against one another by all means, but also remember that cheapest isn't necessarily best.

    I used a company on recommendation, and they were fine for me. Although I believe now they have got very big - lots of Housing Association jobs - and no longer give good service and quality to the individual householder.
  7. Don't go with the national companies because they will not offer you the best deal/service. Find a local company(ies) and get them to quote, also tell them your maximum budget (be realistic, not the amount that you would like to spend so there is some left over for beer).
  8. I agree G_B. Definitely ring round the local ones, get a few quotes and then ask what the price would be if you paid cash. Dont go with any of the big names. They are a complete waste of time, space and air. Oh if you arent familiar with the companies just give trading standards a quick ring beforehand to make sure they havent had a shed load of complaints about the company.
  9. S_T

    ooh i like the idea of 3 self important up their own arrse sales reps knocking 10 shades of the proverbial out of each other!!

    just to clarify though, i couldn't possibly be blamed for any carnage resulting in inviting them all round at the same time, could i?? :D
  10. cheers maxi, good advice
  11. Double Glazing! Always a bit of a problem. Bear in mind that the company you choose (and the relevant rep) will always try to maximise profit at your expense.

    Most of the double-glazing conversions in the UK are PVUC frames and as such are correspondingly cheaper to manufacture. As a general rule of thumb price-wise, German, Italian and French producers of double-glazing units are turning out stuff with oiled-teak frames at about 17 euro (approx £11.50) per square METRE.

  12. If you can't get them to bump into each other on the drive, leave a brochure out from then for the others to see there's competition. Also don't negotiate there and then always say you'll think about it and ring them to haggle as they'll never leave if they think they'll get a deal on the spot!
  13. I like the bit where the rep gets on the phone to his boss to see if he can arrange a special discount. :)

    But be careful! I had a kitchen rep that went through the same spiel when it became clear to him that I wasn't going to pay his prices. He'd asked to use the house phone and like a nit, I said OK. When the phone bill came in, I found that the cnut had been onto a premium rate line for over 20 minutes!
  14. Not double glazing I know but a similar story.

    I wanted a conservatory so phoned Anglian Windows. A guy came out and got talking. He asked what I'd done so told him I just got out the Army after 23.5 yrs and he wanted to know what rank I was on demob. Ah he said so you must have a good pension and lump sum. Straight away I pinged he was sussing me out over money and I had just got out with a wad of cash.

    He took the measurements and showed me a load of stuff he's brought with him, window locks, door locks etc saying it was all the dogs bollacks. He went away happy with a provisional sale and phoned me 3 days later with the cost of £14.500, now bearing in mind this is 1995 - £14.500 is a lot of cash. I said NO, to much so he said he'll have a word with his boss and try and reduce it. 2 days later he came back with £12.000 - NO too much I said. OK, leave it with me and I'll try one more time but my job is at risk here - yeah right. 2 days later he phoned back and said £9.000. I replied oh thats a good price and he said he'll be round with the paperwork. Now at this point I'd never said I'd accept his offer, just that it was a good price. Anyway, he turned up with all the documents and paperwork for me to sign, spread them all over the kitchen table. Ok then he said I just need a signature here, here and here. Whats that for I said, for the conservatory he replied. But I don't want it, I never told you I wanted it. He replied, but over the phone you said it was a good price. Yes I did, but at £9.000 you have still got to be making a profit and you were prepared to bill me £14.500, ripping me off for £5.500. If you said £9.000 at first I would have said yes. You knew I'd just got out the Army and had enough to pay the £14.500 cash so you thought you'd try it on. All you are required to do now is shut the door on the way OUT.

    Lesson to be learned - never let on you have enough cash to pay for it and always try and barter.

    Sorry for boring you but it was funny to see his face - almost in tears.

  15. B_T,

    good one mate, i might do something similar with safestyle, or some other large national double glazing company with annoying adverts :D