Double Glazing Salesmen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm in the market for getting double glazing fitted to Château Von Harley, so have been getting free quotes from the market. Five windows and a door...... it's a very small Château :D

    First off was Everest - Very educational, told us every thing about the windows and I mean EVERY THING. very laid back sales technique. Starting price of £7100 with confirmation that we could haggle once we had seen the rest of the quotes.

    I have just spent the last 2 hours of hard sell by Weatherseal, put down ALL other companies and told us Everest would charge us up to £18k, I had a little giggle. His opening offer was £9k but only if we signed up there and then.
    We made it clear that we where gathering other quotes, more hard selling, more of us stating we where not signing up and would be getting more quotes. This went on for almost 40 minutes each time he dropped the price. he dropped to £5700, good job i was not a little old impressionable Granny. He left with out a sale.

    I think I will have fun with the next salesman we have coming tomorrow. I will effect a cockney accent and do a Del Boy "Cut the sales bollocks and give me your bottom price!" :D
  2. Enjoy the game LVH. There is a shed load of commission built into each sale dependant upon type of sales lead, finance package, up selling etc. I used to work for Everest, good product, good aftersales and cast iron guarantee.


    10 year old example:

    £12000 sale on finance, £2600 commission for me!
  3. I tried that... told the chap at the doorstep before he came in. Told him i didnt need a demo, didnt want to haggle and told him he would have 10min. He got a little upset, told me he needed an hour. He got no further, goodbye salesman, see ya!
  4. Cheers PT, I figured that the commission would be about 20%, but I was just shocked by the difference in sales technique.
    Weatherseal did offer us a free timeshare holiday but we had to pay £390 admin fees each year. My good lady was happy to point out that it was not a free holiday :)
  5. My mum had a salesman round today for quotes, since we have got Metal double glazing in and are going to change it for plastic, there is a £1500 scrap-age allowance and also £600 if they put a green notice on your lawn for 6 weeks before hand
  6. Everest do the laid back approach because it works. Most companies will quote you for the top spec window/doors etc, then offer you discount to sign there and then. If that doesn't work, to further reduce the price they will reduce the spec. After that they have to give away some of the salesman's commission. Squeeze a bit harder and the area manager will chip in also. Bit of a tip, ask for the salesman's mobile number when he gets to you. When he steps out to "phone" his area manager, ring him. His face will be a picture when his mobile goes off!

  7. How big are your windows, we got a conservatory for little more than your starting pices a few years back. We got a new front door last year for under 400, so you probably want to move away from the big national sharks and get a small local contractor.

    My loss adjusting brother would never use any of the big national companies.

    Another example of the rip off, we had problems with a hinge, national company told us the window was obsolite so would need replacing, and to match the othe windows would need replacine too. The local guy replace the 'obsolete' hinges in half an hour for under £100
  8. One to watch as well.

    When the sales rep says he is going out to the car to ring his manager, be VERY careful if he has left anything inside the house.

    I've been told straight from the horses mouth (and I know cuz I sells such devices to them :) ), that they will use short range covert audio transmitters disguised as pens, calculators, clipboards, bits of a briefcase etc.

    They then listen to you discussing the deal with the OH, during which you will probably let on what you are willing to pay or what you have already been quoted. They then come back in with a miraculous deal that amazingly fits your budget / competitors quotes.

    A trick also used at car dealerships (I have sold kit to people that work for the big one that sells lots of second hand cars nationally and promises finance regardless of history) and, I'm sure, many other trades.

    Legal to sell or to own, dubiously legal to use.
  9. Go to a local trusted company. The flashy adverts, buy 1 get one free, free fitting, no vat??? All bollox, you pay for the sales campaign.

    Big companies better guarantees? Fcuk no. Remember 'Cold Seal', went bust, now 'Warm Seal'.

    Most window systems are similar, the mechanisms fit into a euro-grove, an industry standard, type of mechanism is stamped on it, most odd jobbers can fix it, or replace a misted glass unit.

    A LOT of pvc IS due for replacement, it's been around for a while, and is now not as efficient.

    Free 'K' Glass, it's actually required as a minimum by regulation. Self cleaning glass needs regular cleaning, just not so often, and without detergents!

    Mind you I wouldn't have PVC anywhere near my house, hate it. :lol:
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  10. Leveller has it spot on, you will certainly get a much better deal locally, go and have a look at what your local window firm can offer you and haggle, they want to sell and you want to buy, look for good security, ie, steel panels in door bottom's, 5 lever locks etc. hope this helps. remember, most national window suppilers are cnuts.
  11. LVH, if you’re after a good job at lowest possible, consider DIY if you can handle moderate building, or buy your windows and have a pro builder fit them ;)

    Measure brick-to-brick holes and check somewhere like Wickes for an idea of price.,5,shop,doorswindows,pvcuwindows,pcvuwinready

    Look around for companies that just make windows and doors (even if the say ‘Trade Only’), and get some prices there – you’ll probably need to allow for corresponding sills. Ask which system they are manufacturing from (e.g. Rehau), then Google them to satisfy yourself it’s a modern together system.

    Whatever you get, MUST be guaranteed in writing, so if a sealed unit fails it get replaced. Most failures with the overall job are not with the products but with the fitting or ‘making good’. So, if you don’t want to DIY, buy just buying the windows and door you should easily have saved enough for a pro builder and mate to install?

    If you chose not to DIY, after you’ve seen them do the job you’ll probably think ‘it that all there is to it?’ :OMG:


    ps pros and cons for ali v plastic, but if security is a big issue go ali ;)
  12. Had the same here only with a window lock. I broke the one in the bathroom.Went to the company that installed them, sorry no can do your windows are too old , don't make those locks 3 from another local company.

    Every so often we get salesmen at the door. Mrs Flo I see you have Aluminium windows. Did you know they are now illegal........aye right bugger off I don't want UPVC !! The windows are 20 years old now and apart from the locks theres nothing wrong with them and as we live in a bottom floor flat they're perfectly legal!!
  13. Wish I had seen this advice 2 years ago when I got 5 salesmen to come round in succession on the same day. I did remember to remove all family photos and any 'conversation pieces' to make things harder for them to keep a conversation going. In the end I went for a local firm rather than the big boys, because they were the cheapest, and have not been disappointed with the quality. One odd thing happened later. I had a phone call from someone claiming to work for the factory that made the windows for Weathershield, offering a better price than the salesman if I dealt with him direct. Too risky, I think.
  14. ~Cheers Lads, I know I could count on Arrse to reassure my mind and give me tips.
    I will get onto the local firms this weekend! :eek:)

    I did offer to DIY the windows but my other half put her foot down. :eek:( ....... and I'm really good at DIY!
  15. Wish this thread was around a few months ago... :(

    Had the hard sell, price knocked down and down and down, sales turkey "went outside to phone the regional manager" who then phoned us with a modified price. Signed the deal for +-£3800 for double side doors and new front door with Everest. Phoned by the company a few days later to be told that the front door price didn't include the leaded glass we had been quoted on. Another £350 please, which we paid. Came the day for installation, and the doors were not the size they should have been. Another (?) £500 please for non-standard doors. Told them to fook off at this one, which they accepted. Six weeks later (they're custom-made, aren't they...?) doors installed. Side doors didn't have the leaded glass, biut the front door did. Side door handles are not level in relation to each other, and they droop.

    Complain to the company, you say...? Five times so far. Two sets of door handles replaced, and no improvements. The fookers STILL phone and ask if they can come and take PR photo's to put in their magazine and enter us in some holiday competition or other.:x

    We went local on the back door. Competitive price, well installed, lifetime year guarantee (not 5 like Everest), not a spot of bother in two years.

    edited for webfoot typing