Double Frag Grenade Pouch - Good Idea Or Not

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We've just been sent the item below as a sample and are considering whether or not anyone is likely to buy them. From what we've seen Afghanistan is awash with issue pouches of every description and frag grenades are in short supply everywhere else so we're tending towards the negative. Obviously you can never discount the airsoft market but we'd also appreciate other opinions!




Oh SRP is £29.99


I can't see many serving soldiers forking out for one of these, as you've already said we get issued grenade pouches with Osprey.

That being said Osprey is withdrawn when you return from tours (well ours is) so some people who've purchased molle belts might want to replace the pouches that they've had to hand back in.
No good as it is, although a possible good use if they were 'stacked'.

But as above, people willj ust find two pouches and put them on, ths doesn't offer any reduction in space or faf.

An 2/3 mag Ammo Pouch (don't know if you have this already off the top of my head) with a frag pouch sewn on already to the side might be useful to some.


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We just used the standard utility pouches. You could fit three or four frag grenades in there.

Naturally, for the allyer gentleman, you'd just clip them onto the molle straps on the Osprey. Thus looking super ******* awesome.


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Better by far to go for multi purpose pouches - those are a bit small for anything but HE grenades.
You get issued near identical ones, which means they will be all over eBay, along with all the similar pouches bought by blokes prior to being issued them.
The above info coupled with your intended price to sell means they are probably not worth it.
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