Double-edged sword re taxation?

Residency warning for UK expats with onshore bank accounts

Expat Britons who maintain onshore accounts with UK banks, or who open new ones, are being warned that they could be building a case for HM Revenue & Customs to argue they are still resident in Britain.
The advice of tax experts follows a number of high-profile court cases and changes to HMRC’s guidance on residency that took effect in April.
Under HMRC’s latest guidance on residency, such things as “what connections you keep in the UK, such as family, property, business and social connections” will be taken into account, says Matt Coward, director of Private Client Tax Services at PKF, the London-based tax advisers.

More here:

International Adviser :: Residency warning for UK expats with onshore bank accounts

This could work in favour of expat ARRSERS seeking entitlements to which they are currently denied, inc child benefit and/or increases on state pensions.

YouTube - Peter Bottomley on expat state pension unfairness.
Fair enough I think. if you're getting an income from a UK based business, pension etc. then it seems only fair to pay UK tax on it, but only until I decide to emigrate, in which case it would be totally unfair and I'll fight it until my last breath.
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