dose any one know of

Discussion in 'RAC' started by craftabba, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. just woundering if any one know of any reme personel transfed to the rac and dose any one think it is a good idear as im intrested in doing it.
  2. I dont know of any REME who transferred to 1 RTR but I know of many REME who served with 1 RTR and continued to wear black overall's for years ( or until ordered not to do so) after they went elsewhere. Such was their love of the regiment they served with.

    Transferring to another branch or arm is a major decision. The grass is usually NOT greener on the other side. I went from RAC to MPSC (Colchester) it was the right decision at the time but I wish it had never come to that and I remain an ex tankie rather than an ex screw at collie. Is it the REME or the unit you are attached to that is the problem?

    If you are truly unhappy in your day to day life in the REME then do consider changing direction but DO decide if it is the REME "or" the Army you are fed up with. Your decision should be to either stay with the REME and get through your current unhappy stage , or transfer to another arm, or to leave the army.

    If you are truly "in the wrong job" but in the right company (ie the army) then do transfer.

    BLACK MAC (recently deceased) was Army Catering Corps who transferred to 4 RTR and became a God within the RAC Gunnery World as well as being RSM of 4 RTR>
  3. Tiny is spot on with his advice, you should consider whether it is a bad patch you are going through at the time or whether you have enough time under your belt to make an informed decision.

    I spent 9 years badged to 1 RTR but as a LCpl and seemingly going nowhere I transferred to RAOC and it worked for me as I finished my career as a WO1 but like Tiny, I still have stronger ties to my first regiment - 1 RTR. Depending on how long you have been in the army you should consider what will be best for you in the long term and whether you should remain REME and seek an early posting to another unit.

    Good luck and I hope you make the correct decision.
  4. There was a REME ASM who transferred into the RTR in Tidworth on commision. I served with him with the 17/21 L when he came straight from the Tiffy sausage factory, fine man.

    Also there was another retread at the QRIH/QRH who I was in AAC arborfield with, he did a pretty good job of getting through the ranks - QM(T) last time I saw him in 98.

    It's got to worth a go
  5. 3 RTR had two VM(B) tranfer in during the mid 70's both had good careers. One unfortunatly did not complete his service for reasons I am not prepared to put on an open forum(PM me if you wish), the other finished as a WO2, IIRC.

    We have also had had people go in the opposite direction.

  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In the 1980s I sort of went the other way. I transferred out of cavalry into RAPC (long story) and got a cushy semi-independent and career-enhancing posting to a REME Workshop.

    After the rigid regimentation and strict but fair military discipline in the RAC, I found the REME to have the military discipline but it wasn't countered with the common sense of the cavalry. Didn't affect me as I had learned to screw the loaf many years earlier, keep my nose clean and get on, and nobody crossed their Military Accountant.

    I think if you can handle the bullshit that baffles REME brains and you are prepared to succomb to military discipline for a reason, you'll find life a lot more enjoyable.

    No I have never heard of anyone making the move you intend, and I wonder if it would be as good. I have heard of RAC senior ranks who dump on attached personnel but I'd like to think they were in the significant minority as most would respect their REME for the job they did. If you transfer in, you'd lose the buffer that REME attached to other RAC regiments found and you'd lose that respect. Like others have said, the grass may not be greener.

    I'd suggest if you are a VMA (or whatever they call them these days) you can expect to be get your fair share of the RAC without having to commit and knowing that if you get a crap posting, you'll move on soon. Transfer to the RAC and get it wrong, and you'll get strange looks if you try to move again.

    Probably not a lot of help, eh?
  7. cheers lads for the sound advice will give it some thought but think i will go down the rout of becoming a tanki
  8. I know a lad in your position although I haven't spoken to him for a few months. (could be you! did you help me with my car at Christmas? ;) )

    Anyhow he was looking to leave the army altogether because he reckoned he had no great prospects in his job (A Mech) and didn't care much for life in Germany. I suggested he go Inf rather than armoured because I suspected that he'd end up doing two jobs as a driver with an A Mech background.

    Of course, this might suit you but it's something to consider.

    Hope it works out!
  9. Why not transfer?You´ve got your trade for later and the RAC is very versatile,An ex REME guy joined QDG,became RSM,got commisioned and is just about to give up his seat as Regt Secretery HHQ!

    A QDG legend!
  10. Tiny and Dave are quite correct..Once in the 1RTR family your always there :D ps. hope to see you 2 in Scabbie p.nuts
  11. I know a LCpl who transfered from the REME (where he was a VM(B)) into an RAC regiment, previously he had been at an RAC LAD, incidently he kept his rank. I also know an ASM who was commissioned into the RAC Regiment whose LAD he was ASM in and a Sgt who transfered REME to RAC (not sure what trade but went straight in as a sabre Tp Sgt in the regiment).

    In short it is possible to transfer REME to RAC at almost any stage in your career (depending on trade perhaps?). Whether or not it is advisable is entirely up to you, but take advice from your career manager.

    If I may also suggest that before you put in your papers you brush up on your spelling. "Does" rather than "dose" and "idea" rather than "idear." Coming from the REME you will be expected to have attained a good level of basic skills (maths and english).
  12. And please no Text Speech :D abbreviations are also frowned upon, unless official. ie.REME..RAC etc.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Bugger and I thought it was a thread about something else :roll:
  14. Light Dragoons had an ASM who comissioned to LD, he is doing ok, nice chap as well 8)
  15. Fill ya boots Mate.
    I know of 4 REME who transferred, 2 to 3RTR, 1 to 2RTR and 1 to 14/20H.
    All gained promotion, all seemed happy to have left the Corps.
    On a serious note, not all of the regimental types were happy seeing blow-ins gain promotion that they may have thought should rightfully have been theirs.
    Summit to think about, but good luck, we're all brothers in arms.