DOS Sage transfer to modern Sage

Right, my old and wrinkly and soon to be dead book keeper has been running the DOS version of Sage since Bill Gates had to ask for student loans.

Now I have killed her I need to transfer all of our old DOS Sage stuff to Sage Line 50.

I cant find a simple way of doing this in the software guides and before I ask Google I will ask here and pledge beer money to Hols 4 Heroes if someone can give me a way to do it.

The "old" DOS sage will only back up to an "A" drive (floppies) and I want the info to migrate to Sage 50 on a Windows 2003 server. If I have to buy an external floppy drive to do it then I am happy to do so but I just need to know if it is actually possible.

I don't need a way of conning a PC into thinking that a CD or DVD drive is "Drive A", I already know how to do that, I really do need to know though if all of the information from DOS Sage can be transferred to Sage 50

Thanks in advance

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