Dortmund Flashback (Inside Bar!)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Fugly, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Having a sort out and throwing away some crap, and came across this - anyone else still got theirs??!!


    Edit to hotlink the picture, as this seems fairly active still :D
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  2. Wow talk about flashback, never thought i would see one of those again! lol
  3. How much how much!

    Oh, the delights of the Leeds von Platz, where the elite and select from Dortmund used to go..... :wink:

    So was it still in an un-washed pair of jeans from 92?!!
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    My '92 jeans are long gone as i have NO chance of fitting in them!! No, found this amid the multiple boxes of crap littering chez Fugly.

    Ah the memories, a quick fight in the Monopole before off the the Leeds bar, Black Sheep etc.... and then to the pit of the Inside Bar! Can even remember it being on BFBS when M*** T***** got shot through the arm by some spick! about 94 i think that was.

    Fun on a bun.....!
  5. AH the Inside! happy days or what! the ACC chef bouncer on the door-Conan the Food Destroyer,the night some of the local RMP Det came in for a sesh and got more than they bargained for! one of them lost a huge bunch of very official looking keys which the lads spent happily seperating and dropping down the drains outside! the small dance floor,flooded bogs,noise,atmosphere,pads wives out for a ????,what a place!!!
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    New York, New York...........
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  8. the trams - yep, fall asleep and miss the Ubique Bks stop, then find yourself in miles from Dortmund in some tram depot ,, ah, memories....

    Loved the place, only shame was that tosser of a CO we had at 27 fd, Groper Gordon.
  9. Auxiliary MP duties (become a monkey in 3 days and stag on outside the pads quarters)....guarding Holzwickede guards..... dreading autumn as the camp had a tree every 2 metres therefore whole days were spent fighting cream wagon round the gun park on summer afternoons...endless sessions in Bty bars.......Linien strasse!!.....sleeping off hangovers on a camnet or back of a wagon....trips to Hamburg and Amsterdam.......striping the PX bare....watching topless german birds at schone flote on summer sports afternoons. Have to stop as i'm nearly tearfully nostalgic, who would be a NiG now? Way to serious though we did put up with a lot of bull&*it.
  10. Stans Bar (the Muhlenstubbe), Power Pub 2000, Professor Charlies, The Big Bottle, Cafe de Paris! Crazy K and Linen Str!! oh the memories
  11. Should have been there in the 80's

    It was a real man's town then :twisted:

    Eternal fights with 16AD and then 2nd FD would come down and attempt to 'retake' Dortmund :lol:
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  12. 8O heyup minden massive but hey the dome is opening again soon so look out for a look in lol.
    same old tarts same old places , LOL, just watch out Stickey fingers were back to uk soon WORST luck
  13. Bloody hell, total blast, I left there in the Arms Plot in '93 and havnt been back since, fantastic place. For all the reasons said.

  14. What was the bar over the Bahnhof called ???

    and what about the breakfast bar that didnt open until 0530 or something similar....
  15. Oh this is a nostalgic thread for me - the monopol, the inside, the leeds. Opheums night club. Then there was the long walk back to the block in Napier Bks which always seemed to take twice as long if you ean it pissed. I even got caught canoeing in the officers mess sess pool in front of there mess.

    Oh the good old day - i even enjoyed that german braty wagon that came in at 2100hrs and park out side 58's accom next to the tennis courts.

    Christ i could go on with the naustalgia.

    Damn site better than Sennelager is :?