Dorset slasher

If you went into a bank or several banks with a sharpened scewdriver and stole two-hundred and fifty thousand pounds which was never recovered you would get 8-10 years inside. (even if no-one was injured).

This man caused this amount of criminal damage. He put the lives of ALL motorists and other road users at risk. Even under Road Traffic Leglisation (causing danger to road users) he could qualify for 7 years inside for one offence. (never mind 600 offences).

In English law criminal damage which exceeds five thousand pounds can carry a maximum sentence of 10 years inside.
Causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life carries a life sentence.

16 months inside!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a sentence that is handed down by the Northern Ireland courts.
Has the world gone mad? This scrote gets 16 months, yet a drunk with no licence, insurence and in a stollen moter gets a 2 year ban and a fine for killing a 12 year old boy madness!
hibby said:
Has the world gone mad? This scrote gets 16 months, yet a drunk with no licence, insurence and in a stollen moter gets a 2 year ban and a fine for killing a 12 year old boy madness!
Totally agree...clearly the guy needs to have a good thrashing but over a year in jail for slashing tyres is obscene when compared to the leniency we provide to real criminals like murderers, rapists, paedos and boybands.

Aaargh... :evil:

Personally I can see his point :evil:
But slightly OTT
now anyone know where I can get a Cheap RPG I'm off to hunt w***kers with 4 x4s who drive in convoys up green lanes and wreck them
CombatBooBah said:
I'm off to hunt w***kers with 4 x4s who drive in convoys up green lanes and wreck them
Isn't that what green lanes are for? I take great delight in trashing the countryside with my 4 x 4 and it gets even better if I am lucky enough to be able to sneak up behind some posh bird on a horse and then blast the horn at them or, joy of joys, I happen to run into the local hunt. Beagles can't outrun Disco's you know :wink:

Oh how I giggle when Lady Penelope goes flying head first into the undergrowth :D


Kit Reviewer
Head first into your undergrowth more like......
don't try around the sussex downs or your sure of a big suprise :twisted:
amazing what you can pick up on ebay :twisted:
Ok a couple of farmers might get wasted as well but they get subsidiesstop complaining
now if I can just figure out how to plant AT mines in cycle lanes to deter pratts parking on them I'd be happy :twisted:


Aunty Stella said:
Beagles can't outrun Disco's you know :wink:

Beagles don't have registration numbers either. A name and address often comes in handy if a driver has pissed you off.

(Also you won't be running into the hunt much this time of year. The season is over)
Hearty Congratulations to the 'Slasher'.

As someone who cycles through London to work and back every day I get more than a little irritated by motorists (especially those in 4x4s) that cut me up, pull out in front of me and generally act as I am an impediment to them getting to wotk 10 secs quicker. :x

Ban the car in London, thats what I say :p
Chicken jim.
Would you by any chance be one of those strange creatures, that don skin tight lycra, wrap round shades,bum bags,water bottle and a lumpy helmet. Ride on the pavement, ignore trafic signes/lights, complain about pot holes, even though you pay no road tax ,have no insurece,have never taken a test,probably ride a bike with no lights, dodgy brakes and bald tyres?If so check over youre shoulder the next time you change lanes,cos the next person YOU cut up may be me and i aint braking :twisted:
Chimera states the hunting season is over, How about opening one up on cyclists :twisted:
fair enough but only if I can use my ukrainian surplus anti tank grenades :p in defense.
should be able to get at least 3 for 2 if I target traffic jams :p
:lol: one for the cyclist in London........

i found if you attach a 15-20inch metal rode (with a little filing on the end)
to your right hand side handle bar grip with a little red ribbon hanging off it (optional, but the women love that !)
you tend to find vehicles are more kinder to you.......

just denie all knowledge to the police if stoped.......

"it must have got lodged in to my handle bars as i placed it down by the building site i did not notice funny...he he he"

this can also have the opsit effect and they end up squishing you !!
when i cycle on the roads I think car drivers seem to be out to kill me
for daring to be on the tarmac .When I drive cyclists seem to turn into
sucidical lemmings particular those who wear black with no lights and then wonder why they nearly get hit . The idea of driving/riding round with paintball gun to shoot at those road users who offend me seems a good idea but do we want to end up like florida with people being killed over parking spaces ?
claim its a flashback to the sandpit and as long as you do linda barker as well .
A greatful nation will thankyou :twisted:

Mr Happy

Will you bastar5d cyclists please get off the roads, you get in the way of my taxi's and mount the curb when you approach lights and just leave your damned bikes littering all over my pedestrian pavement. Come the next revolution, after the government, most of the MOD procurement exec., anyone with a dog on a piece of string and people that have given up using indicators because they are so damn lazy you will be the first up against the wall.

Just warning you off, tis all.
unfortunatly you will still be armed with Sa80 :evil: .
so while your still clearing a stoppage we will have fucked off and your be stuck behind some bint in a huge 4*4 :twisted:

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