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I am likely to relocate to Dorset in the next 12 months. is dorset ACF enerally a happy ship or am I looking at paddling through poo like most other counties?


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Before I give my opinion I should say my expierences of the Dorset ACF are limited and stem from a couple of years expierence with a detachment commander whom I had certain differences of opinion.

So I cant speak for most of the detachments but the one I attended which shall remain nameless was not a happy ship, nor was the county well run. I've read on here of cadets doing some amazing things this never happenend in Dorset unless you count the massive fight at Penhale.
When I was a cadet there were some major manning(is that right for cadets?) problems with A and B companies being recruited from the more rural areas of Dorset such as Weymouth, Dorchester, Bridport and C and D companies coming from the more urbanised areas such as Bournemouth and Poole this meant training suffered.
There is however a masive potential with Bovington training area so close as well as the school of signals and numerous adventure training resources.

Hope this is of some help and hopefully someone will tell me to shut the hell up as everythings changed and it is now a glorious example of what a cadet organisation should be.

I am a AI with the dorset acf force and have been for the last five years, i have woked in many of the detachments with a lot of good people, though it true not everyone has gotten on with everyone for the five years mostly we are a good bunch of people and get on well and theres no way that we can all go through life without the normal personality clashes. with every organisation there will always be problems but the whole team works hard to make things better every day

but saying all that these good people give up there time for no pay to give these kids the best that they can, often with little thanks and for long hours, and they dont deserve to be given attitude, so yes i can understand why its hard to get good AI's in this day an age, maybe you should try doing what we do for more than five seconds before you pass judgment on us, come and join us and see what the gangs really like....

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