Discussion in 'Officers' started by FrogPrince, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. This is one of those Catch 22 questions....

    I've been consulting since 1996 and went freelance a couple of years ago, specialising in change programmes within central government. Alot of the MoD contract roles I see advertised include a requirement for experience of using DOORS. So I need to gain experience of using DOORS to get on an MoD project but can't get on an MoD project unless I have experience of using DOORS. You catch my drift.

    Is there an MoD in-house training course available for new users ?

    (Awaits much hilarity about the use of doors, windows, mousehole charges...)


    TA 1996 - Present
  2. Why not get a 15 day eval license for DOORS and have a play with it? It is really just requirement management and config management and not too advanced. The manufacturers do provide a lot on line.

    Sorry - consultants - paid lots to tell you the time when you already own a watch.
  3. Aaaahh...

    I thought it was an MoD 'own brand', not a commercial package. Thanks for the pointer, now off to borrow someone else's timepiece to work out my chargeable hours.

    P.S. My CPD, my pocket. Not always greener grass, but it is my lawn and not some Executive Vice President (Sales)'s pad in Jamaica.
  4. MoD doesn't have any own brand - you should know that by now. We buy off the cheap shelf mostly.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Mind you, if you have absolutly no idea what DOORS is, this thread is hilarious!

    "a requirement for experience of using DOORS" well, yes, on a daily basis thank you very much....
    "MoD doesn't have any own brand - you should know that by now. We buy off the cheap shelf mostly" B&Q, homebase...
  6. Yes, what actually is this DOORS thingie then?
  7. Doors is a requrements tracking and linking package that is the bane of my life!!!!
  8. "DOORS is a first rate software package for developing system requirements. Why does the DPA allow it to be used by second rate people?" Discuss.

    This was a genuine question on the MDA course at Shrivenham, honest....T)
  9. Wonderful, now I know what DOORS is - it is a highly expensive software package that enables, whilst providing the necessary excuses, procurement projects to be delivered late (by which time the original requirements are only partly relevant), way over budget and unable to meet the needs of the end user without encountering severe frustration.

    I thank you!
  10. You forgot the part about having to have specially trained monkeys to use it and who coast a fortune to train in the first place, whilst having to interact with other comapnies who don't use it (or even do use it but have it set up differently) thus putting a major overhead on the requirements process.
  11. Silly me. I also neglected to mention how a half intelligent person (I mean officer) can self-learn how to use it but his civil service opposite number has to attend three different courses in order to achieve unintelligent customer status. Meanwhile in the industry side, systems engineers are using it to develop an answer to the OR, which just as they complete the exercise will naturally change - although without any recourse to an engineering change procedure!
  12. My bold

    Ooh, massive assumption that they let us get near the solution before changing the OR!!!
  13. I believe it is a sister training package to PINO these days.
    Anyone else work on a 'PRINCE In Name Only' project as well?
  14. PRINCE 2...a great system providing the customer isn't a Brigadier and the PM a lowly Major approaching OJAR time! "Of course sir, your word is my bond..." grovel, grovel!
  15. Wonderful!! No wonder we have had troops beefing about poor kit, CRAVS falling off trailers, guns that do not always go bang, helicopters with inadequate nav aids, new helicopters but no training simulators - I'm sure that you could attach a number of different things to this list

    By the way, do all new buys still have to be "Arctic Proof"? I have been out of the loop for a while so do, please, excuse my ignorance.