Door Supervisor training in Ireland

Gentlemen, sorry this isn't a burning controversial subject, just an enquiry......

I'm doing some research and having trouoble finding out how much the going rate for the Door Supervisor course is in Ireland (the FETAC Level 4 Minor Module in Door Supervisor procedures). It's a 3 day course that will become mandatory pretty soon - does anyone out there have any idea how much ot costs at the moment? Any info gratefully received!!

Northern or Republic?
What does it entail?

Do you just open doors or is it security or what?
It's nothing to do with the BII, they are an Awarding Body for the SIA qualification in England and Wales.

I meant the Republic of Ireland.

It entails a variety of subjects - as in England and Wales Door Supervisors (and anyone else connected to Security-type jobs) in Ireland will need to be qualified and registered within about 18 months. This is the qualification that is currently accepted. I was wondering how much the market rate is for the course in Ireland.

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