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Door Gunners to be re-streamed

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jockinese, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. From the pages of PPRuNe

  2. Got to be a wind up!

    The RAF cannot handle an influx of handsome AAC Door Gunners who can actually hit targets from the air and clean and maintain their own weapons.

    Will the knicker elastic of female population of RAF SH stations cope?

    Will this be the end of:-

    rusty GPMG on pumas fireing 7 rounds then having a stoppage during a contact?

    nig sgt loadies looking 12 yrs old and boring the world to death with "when i was at cranwell"

    Got to be a wind up......

    Anyone in JHC care to enlighten us?

    If its true, can i go to the same Sqn as Liz the hot blonde chinook loadie please......
  3. Good idea, as after all its the same job just different name.
  4. Careful now, if DG's get their foot in the door it'll be NCO pilots in the RAF next and if that happens the universe will collapse in on itself.
  5. The RAF still has NCO pilots, the only difference is that they commission them and let them put names like "Bill" and "Dave" under their flying badges.
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    When did that start?

    Must be a new thing :D
  7. Oooo, missed that.

    I don't know what you are on about though, these chaps are managing to hit the sea no problem.

  8. Helen Keller could hit a fig 11 from 1000 yards with a minigun ffs!
  9. Only if the driver took her to the correct grid square

  10. With you, the driver could have been sat with the fig 11 on the skid and you'd still have shot your foot off.

    20 minutes of fuel. Or in your case, 50 minutes. ;)
  11. Even 50 minutes worth wouldn't give you enough time to find the difference between arrse and elbow.

    Hello 0 This is Flash: Am fookin lost, send homing..(sack that don't know how it works)
    Zero: Flash you are always lost, you are crap
    Flash: Send Tom Tom...... please, didn't mean to jack on the groundies :D
  12. Which is why I always take someone with me who knows where they are.

    Why have a dog and bark your self?
  13. To compare breath? :D
  14. Thats why it is a sea range (Wainfleet) because there is margin for error for your muppets. They only have to worry about drifting over the range boundry...I think its Denmark when at wainfleet.....Where our guys have to hit the target area in a 100 metre flyline before they are out of arcs. Dont see many of your guys on army ranges??? Ho thats right your not allowed are you :headbang:
  15. The crabs couldn't hit the sea if they fell out of the cab ffs!