Door gunner policy

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Furryturd, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. I am writing a paper at the moment on the door gunner and future developments.

    Are there any papers or opinions as to the purpose of door gunners?

    I am looking for something like

    a) Suppressive fire in support or ground troops
    b) Defence of the landing zone
    c) Giving the unemployable a chance to fly..

    any info would be useful.

  2. In addition to option c above, I briefed my DG that he was my eyes from the Control Frame aft, and had my authority to sort out the SLF, and stop me stoofing the tail into trees, CFV-screens, buses etc. Integral part of the crew, and useful for looking after OC Guns' dog when OC Guns is away.
  3. They are always NCO i/c good looks and chick pulling.
  4. Door gunner policy?

    'Those that run are VC. Those that stand still are well disciplined VC'

    Saw it in a film once.
  5. I think the main question that should be addressed is the integration of all 3 Services rear crew (we dont have door gunners anymore)

    Armed Forces Pay Review Body
    Thirty-Eighth Report – 2009

    Page 67

    £ per day
    RN/RM, Army and RAF aircrewmen
    Initial rate 7.14

    Middle rate 14.86

    Top rate 19.59

    Royal Logistic Corps air despatch pay Lower rate 4.75

    Higher rate 7.72

    Flying crew pay (RN), crew pay (RAF),
    Joint Helicopter Support Unit helicopter
    crew pay 4.75

    RSigs and Int Corps soldiers earn tiered flying pay on the Astor Squadron at RAF Waddington and are classed as Army Aircrewmen.

    AAC Aviation Rear Crew do not, they earn the same rate as JHSU Soldiers and Airmen who fly as passengers in RAF SH.

    Amongst other things AAC Aviation Rear crew carryout airborne surveillance, FAME (Forward Aero Medical Evacuation) they are responsible for passenger safety, load or cargo restraint, weapons operation and voice marshalling of the aircraft, act as dispatchers for Fast Roping and Heli Abseiling, in addition some are trained in Winch Operation for civillian and military rescue and others in flight systems management of Army Fixed Wing aircraft.

    The AAC provide rear crew to the Navy for shipbourne duties.

    AAC Aviation Rear Crew are in the unenviable position of having senior officers who simply haven’t flown with fulltime Rear Crew so aren’t able to empathize.

    a serious failing by AAC Staff officers, why hasnt the staff work been done?

    Up until 2 months ago, Comd JHC wasn’t aware that the AAC doesn’t look after its rear crew and was sure that Rear Crew were on tiered flying pay.

    Show me an Army Lynx Commander who would be happy to fly without an Aviation Rear Crewman on Operations.

    Ref the original poster

    Works for me...... :D
  6. You shouldn't be paid for it. You should do it for the love of the Corps and as your own personal gift to Her Majesty.
  7. Just like you did.

  8. Fly? In an Army helicopter? With a machine gun? And you want money too? For shame...
  9. I thought it was where the Army sent the under-endowed so they could gain a little confidence in life?
  10. You've clearly never been buttfcuked by a door gunner.

    Cloudbuster....... I come come back with a witty retort, but alas, you tell truths :D
  11. How many rounds? And you still managed to miss the largest stretch of inland water in the Province.
  12. Mock me for many things, being crap, useless, lazy, idle and workshy....... But you can't mock my shooting or handsomeness. Its not one you'll win :D
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I was talking to a Mate of mine in 1 PARA , who was on the Seirra Leone job, he said the Door gunner job was the 2nd best job in the world, All that ammo and sooo many targets.
  14. I know both the AAC door gunners from that particular job.

    One is as ugly as a box of firedamaged sticklebricks and the other has a chin so pointy he used to pick up litter with it on the FOD plod....... I'd consider them friends and good eggs

    Sadly both are appalling shots and are likely to have slotted more bad boys with falling empty cases than with their .50 dishers of instant death.
  15. But it would still make your eyes water if it were stuck up your arrse :roll: ^^\'

    Remember No longer called Door Gunners, that is now one of many roles undertaken by the now call Rear Aviation Crewman (AC).

    They now carry out the following;

    EO duties (both rotary and fixed wing aircraft)
    F/R and Abseil dispatching/Instructing
    Winch operators
    Air Gunnery
    Air Door Gunner Instructors
    Aircrewmen Instructors
    Winch Instructors

    The branch is seeing more and more of the Crewman era posted into jobs like Flying Standards, SO2 Weapons JHC, SERE School, Flying training school. So as you can see it is a fast growing trade that employs crewmen (Chicks as well) that are dedicated and yes do it for the love of the job, but more importantly dont get the recognition or pay in return!

    Those RAF Loadmasters that are on side will tell you that they way Army Rear Crew are paid and employed is beyond comprehension.

    Intresting though is Comd JHC has told the AAC to clean up it's act and work to bring the Rear Crew inline with the RAF/Navy. No easy fix but glad to see that somebody has woken up and smelt the Coffee. hence why the trade has just received it's first Rear Crew trainied officer into the Training school. Also ranks from LCpl upto WO1 are in trade related posted and dont forget the first commissioned Officer in trade.

    "Aviation Rear Crewmen are on the way up" :roll:

    "Sorry getting my hat & coat"