Door Gunner badges.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Issimondias, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. I've just been mooching through ebay and I found an 'olive green door gunners badge' for sale.

    When door gunnery was still in its infancy there was talk of us gunners being allowed to wear the old 'Gunner' half brevet on the sleeve, but this never got off the ground.
    If memory serves me right, somebody also found that you could buy old Vietnam era metal DG wings from silvermans or some such place, and these were also discussed as a possibility (albeit a very remote one)

    Just out of curiosity, are these new DG wings standard issue and when did they come in, would you only be allowed to wear them when actually door gunning, if you've passed your door gunners course would you be entitled to wear them forever?
    I don't know anything about C95, but would you wear them on this kit?
    Would they be worn on the chest or sleeve?

    I just wish they had them when I was gunning
  2. Personally I think if you have qualified as a Door Gunner you should be employed as one and wear your brevet on your left breast like any other Aircrewman / Pilot
  3. Agree with Onya...

    There was never a badge in my day, and it kind of p1ssed me off... there wasn't a scaling for a DG unless in NI so the gunners were grabbed from the MT & Sigs, leaving them men down and struggling to cope.
  4. [​IMG]

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  5. There is a Door Gunner Badge for those guys who have done the SAAvn course from about 1998 onwards. It is simply a half brevet with the really imaginative letters DG in the middle which is worn on the wrist of ones flying suit. However, when the new Aviation Crewmen start to roll out they will be awarded a half wing brevet to be worn as with all other crewmen on the chest.
  6. Bloody hell ginge, thats a serious post isn't it?

    The NAAFI bar is for tales of bed lagging, swamping and skiffing.. I'm sure you'll feel at home there :D :D
  7. Hiya Ginge, what's the new Aviation crewman's course?
    Is this a kind of combination door gunner/loadmaster course?
  8. Gunner/Loadmaster cross? More like a Gunner/Door Closer!
  9. MDN,

    I can be all adult sometimes. I must be getting old!! Certainly I am always stiff in the morning but alas not in the right places anymore.

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  10. Issi,

    Yes, in a word.

    It will at last recognise the guys in the back as a full member of a crew not a brew bitch/blanks remover/ BATCO decoder/Dooor slider.
  11. I know what swamping is - forgive my ignorance, but what is bed lagging and skiffing? We don't have that sort of thing in the women's auxiliary ballooning corps...
  12. Feckin 'ell. Ive heard everything now, Ginge squawking latin!! He'll be telling us he has a CSE next!!

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  15. Ginge, I'm sure he deserves more than some Sarsons for de-cyphering that lot!! When do I get to try your recent?