Discussion in 'US' started by Mr_Fingerz, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I know that Garry Trudeau's work is widely syndicated throughout the US (and is printed here in the UK in the Guardian).

    What are the Colonialists views of his current spat with the GOP in Texas as shown in the attached link?

    (It's the series about the Texas sonogram law)
  2. I prefer Dilbert. At least Dilbert is amusing.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Doonesbury has its moments. The satire can be quite biting.
  4. As a rule I don't read Doonesbury and haven't done so since the 1970s. His politics are left-leaning predictable and his strip isn't funny. Even Nancy gets a better laugh than Doonsebury.

  5. Gary Larson for mine.
  6. I don't read the Grauniad, but I've enjoyed the few Doonesbury strips I've seen. Very dry, but I like that.
  7. I'm quite a fan and read it online most days. Being a Brit, I wasn't even aware of the sonogram thing until doonesbury started featuring it in it's strip. I thought the bit about the bird being told to go to the shaming room where a middle aged male law maker would interview her said it all about this legislation.
  8. Doonesbury is such a low hit rate of amusing. It's crap. Dilbert, If.... And even Alex and Matt are much better.
  9. I'm a fan, and have been since picking up a collection of his cartoons in the Berlin PX c1980. His stuff is more op-ed than the funnies, but why not? At least it's sometimes intelligent and often amusing commentary, not the dribblings of Limbaugh and his like. But then I giggled at Don Savage's redefining of 'Santorum' and cheered when Franken was elected. I fear I may be the sort of European 'liberal' that really upsets elements of the GOP.
  10. You certainly sound like the stereotypical European liberal type. I'll bet you also applauded when the Nobel prize committee awarded Obozo the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 purely on spec. (He'd only been president for a week) How's that working out for ya?


  11. Not as tough as it must be for you, Cletus. He's your president, and a welcome interlude between the cretinous Bush and the truly awful prospect of any of the republicans we're currently laughing at on this side of the pond.
  12. On the other hand, he's done an excellent job in covering PTSD and limb loss; and he's been nothing but exceptionally supportive of veterans.

    No - but we have been laughing hysterically at the fact that Rick Santorum is still a contender for the Republican nomination. Nice to know that Dan Quayle wasn't a one-off.

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  13. I was assuming it was for Barry sending the drones into FATA to burn beard butt, it may not be area bombing Cambodia into the hands of the Khmer Rouge but the boy was trying, "irony" is what the Nobel Peace prize is all about when a Septic (sorry Kenyan) wins.

    Doonesbury... meh.
  14. If by that you mean my world view is rather closer to Trudeau's than that of Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck and the other howling loons of the right who make their living purveying an unholy brew of ignorance and faux-outrage - then fuckin' A, bubba.

    Keep your money - I though it was puerile.