Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by priest, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi, new to the forum.
    So, my application for the int corps is in the pipeline. Reasons i'm joining are as follows.

    I found the HUMINT job description to be my cup of tea.

    There are opportunities for employment within the intelligence community once you get out (depending on what sorta connections you make i assume).

    One thing that concerns me is this. When i read testimonials on the army website and from army literature etc it seems to me that almost everyone does a few years in their chosen role then gets pulled out and shoved into an ATR where they seem to stay forever.

    Have i read it wrong? Or am i doomed to be stuck at an ATR after a few years of service?

    Also my BARB score was 81 and i got Level 1 on Literacy test and Level 2 on numeracy, they're good scores....right??

    Thanks guys.

  2. No idea about the BARB test mate - best to ask BARBGENIUS.

    As for being stuck in an ATR? Pshaw! Not going to happen. If anything when you do get there, you'll be more likely to be stuck in HUMINT than anything else!

    Seriously though? Unless you volunteer for an ATR post they are probably not going to lumber you with it. Anyone know any better on this? I haven't heard of anyone ever being stuck in an ATR though.
  3. 82 on the BARB is a good score. You only need 62 to get into the RMP and that is the top requirement for all the Jobs in the Army. Your Num & Lit scores are nothing to write home about, but good enough to get you in.
    The Int Corps will only take you on if you have A or A stars GCSE. (No matter what the job brief states) Check with your ACIO and ask them to check with the PSO of the Int corps. This is gospel. We recently had a bod pass all the selection criteria only to be told "Sorry, we are a bit swamped at the moment and can afford to be picky and choosy". The applicant ended up going to the sigs, good applicant as well. Their loss.
    Davros the Dalek is dead right about the ATR, but don't write it off just yet. In 3/4 years you will be a different person to what you are now.
  5. leelee, you're a recruiter - NOT the selection officer for the intelligence corps. by all means pass on your experience (which is very valid) but i don't think you ought to be passing sweeping statements as an AFCO recruiter and declaring "this is gospel".

    unless someone from the int corps chain of command comes on here and declares "ignore the requirements on the website and in the AFCOs - you really have to have brilliant A*s etc to get in"... (in which case i will apologise to you and eat humble pie)... then i don't think it's your place to destroy the aspirations of keen youngsters who look in this forum for advice.

    just because one of your candidates with the right qualifications was rejected, does not mean that amazing qualifications are the be-all and end-all for every applicant. they might be A factor, but they are not the ONLY factor.

    yes, the corps can afford to pick and choose. but i would be gobsmacked if - as you imply - our selection staff are weeding out potential applicants on the basis of "this one has slightly better GCSEs than those two".

    there are some many successful individuals in the corps who joined with pitiful qualifications. i even know one who was accepted in spite of having failed english. (no, it's not perevodchik)

    priest - i wouldn't pull your application just yet :roll: if you're good enough, qualifications won't matter too much. if you've got 10 A* GCSEs, 4 A levels and a Masters in International Studies, but can't talk to people - you'll not get in the door. and probably be advised to try the RMP lol
  6. Although long past my sell-by date, the gospel according to Saint CR has a ring of truth to it. Read wisely, the old testament and the new testament can sometimes have a different read on the same story.
  7. All taken into account, thank you.

  8. I for one had "remedial" English lessons at Ashord in order for me to be able to write "acceptable English" before starting Trade Training but that was a very very long time ago before Sub Sonic even.
  9. Really? How come I got in with C's then? I also know some people who passed out of Templer very recently and they dont have straight A's.......
  10. I got in not to long ago and I got a 'U' in Mathematics.

    Ignore the Qualification requirements and just give it your best.
  11. A 'U' in maths? Do you have someone next to you when bombing up your mags?
  12. bet your head exploded when you first saw one of those frigging MBMMs :)
  13. I used to drive one of those. Nice cars.
  14. Begins with B and ends with ollocks. CR has it about right.
  15. Not too hard with an abacus I suppose. And a learning mentor to count for you.