Don't you wish Brit cops were this effective?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. POLICE seemed to do "nothing but shoot" a mentally ill man who was stabbing himself in the throat, his father told an inquest yesterday.
    "My son had a knife at his own throat - how was he going to hurt anyone else?" Adrian Salter asked at Glebe Coroners Court.

    "I was the only one to do anything to stop him."

    Adam Salter, 36, was shot by Sergeant Sheree Bissett in the kitchen of his father's Lakemba home in November 2009.

    The inquest was told police and paramedics responded to reports Mr Salter, who had a history of depression, psychosis and schizophrenia, was cutting himself with a knife.

    Paramedic Cheri Lutz said she was treating Mr Salter on the floor but he started ripping out his medical tubes.

    When his father tried to restrain him, he "pushed him aside" and got the knife. "He then started stabbing himself in the throat with the knife, probably three or four times," she said.

    "I heard someone yell 'Taser' in a loud voice and shortly after that there was a loud bang," Ms Lutz said.

    "Initially I just assumed he had been tasered because of what she called out."

    But she realised very quickly Mr Salter had been shot and began to help him.

    Mr Salter said his son was not waving the knife around but was moving it towards himself in an attempt to stab himself, after he unexpectedly got up from the floor.

    He said he knew he was going to the sink to get the knife, so he tried to stop him when he realised police were not going to intervene.

    "They did not seem to do anything except shoot him," Mr Salter said.

    The inquest continues.

    The cunt won't try that again!
  2. TASER!!!!


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  3. Hey, if it saves one poor soul from self-harming, it's worth it.
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  4. Easy to see how you'd mix the 2 weapons up. Fuck if I had a taser I'd wear the cunt out.
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  5. Why harm yourself when someone else will kill you instead? They did kill him, didn't they?
  6. Yup, deader than a dead thing. The split arse on the trigger apparently walked out of the coroner's court in tears during the father's victim impact statement. That's two for us in NSW this week if you count the bloke with the curtain rod they wounded.
  7. Excellent! They must have allowed Rod Boy to survive IOT tell his tale of doom to other manchester-wielding desperados.
  8. In defence of the officers, he could have had some cunt's eye out with the curtain rod.
  9. They're replacing the steyr with them.
  10. This lot have no markings so I don't know where there from, but even the PCSO budget must allow for a lump hammer!

  11. There fixed that for you.
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  12. Do we have any piccies of said female copper? Preferably with her sticking her baton up her snatch?
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  13. 'In June 2009 a man died after allegedly being tasered by Queensland police 28 times' Like that, you mean?
  14. Erm yeah like that. That bloke was off his head on speed though.
    Might have to organize spare batteries/jumper leads.
  15. Well that's one less person that'll come on Arrse complaining that they've been deferred for self-harming.

    Fucking freaks.
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