Dont you lot sleep?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nursienorth, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. It's 3.20am. I have the excuse of working...but everyone else must be mad!

    What are you all doing wakened at this hour.

    Thinking to myself though, it is Thursday night/Friday morning...weekly get drunked night isn't it!

    hooped. mk
  2. your not the only person working but where i am its only 10:23pm
  3. Ah!!!

    I want to be in my bed...i'm ready and waiting for 7am
  4. Tis 0326 - I'm meant to be working but I've skived off!

    CC_TA (I don't sleep much even when I'm mean't to be!)
  5. voming my guts up after a good night out due to numerous hiennekens and a hot dog, bacon roll, 4 doughnuts and 2 cans of irn bru for the trip home. got to love the scottish diet. (Hasten to add that my friend found the four doughnuts in a M&S bin, I wouldn't buy all that crap)


    :party: + :pissed: = :toilet:
  6. LMFAO...

    Sounds like a good night out to me. And the Scottish diet has alot to answer for. Nothing cures a hangover like Irn Bru. It's the girders...
  7. I don't sleep anymore.

    Come into chat, we only bite in a good way :D
  8. Its 20.45 here in BATARSE
  9. Server won't let me. I'm on a hospital computer than bans all fun.

    I suprised it allows arrse access. I can only access my email by going to the Indian equivelent.

  10. it's 0350 at heathrow!
  11. It's tomorow here already and my week's just about finished thanks!!
  12. Nightshift, only 3 hrs left, then 4 days off. Luvverly.
  13. Hey same here but switch hot dog bacon roll and doughnuts for a donner kebab and chips :D
  14. That'll be the diet tonight after about 10 stellas to sort my life out.
  15. All day thing