Don't you know who one is ??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Civilian_ln_Green, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Don’t believe him - he is an imposter and upstart to boot, not to mention pretentious . i am the REAL Civilian ln Green.

    When i grow up and become an officer I will show you who is the real boss, my late Grandpapa The Lord Civilian ln Green may have had to sell off the manor and fired all the servents to pay for all his gambling debts and defending himself in court over those beastly buggary allegations but I still am a toffee nose twit who thinks that the sun has not set on the Raj.

    Civilian ln Green
    (the one and only one thank f*ck)
  2. I couldn't give a flying fck which one of you is the real one, you're both cnuts :D
  3. Again, I'll leave this one up. Any other mods like to check the IP addy?

    One will find yet another cause why we should dismiss this user for good.
  4. OK. I'm now going to ask where I have posted as you??

    If you wish me to make you look a twat, I will, with very little help. You appear to be doing that on your own.

    Flashies top tips;

    1. Stop making yourself look more stupid than you are.
    2. You are making it easy for every user to think you are a scary person.
    3. I'm concerned for you.
    4. Phone someone who can help you. (Clue, that aint me!)

    (If anyone is confused by my post, please PM me so I can set the record straight. One has been 'attacked' by the equivillent of the disabled troop, dudley West, girl guides troop. Imagine the wheelchaired, uniformed, young folk doing a number on Creden Hill and you'll get the idea how much I was 5hitting myself).
  5. I am. Just so you can be sure
  6. I don't do drugs, I didn't consume alcohol last night..

    So WTF is this all about :D Have I missed out on more fun and games?

    More editing than the daily sport!
  7. Confused and a little scared 8O
  8. Seems to be stage two in the lessons of Fruitloopery :D
  9. Fruitloopery stage 2, indeed I thought i had a few problems :D

    and leaving little pictures of swords about! wow

    I prefer this type of thing :twisted:
  10. Right. There has not been a Lord in my family for many generations and certainly not an English one, there is a manor of-sorts in France but it has not beed lived in since my Great Grandparents died.
    Gambling debts have long-since been sorted by the family doing honest work as far back as i can remember.
    They had a maid but no servants and there were no-such allegations.
    I am not in the least-bit toffee-nosed as anyone who knows me will doubtless confirm. I go to a comprehensive dammit, i'm hardly Lord/Sir/Earl/Duke anyone..

    ..note also i do not used the 'F' word out of context.


  11. Civ (the genuine one),

    Even when trying to clarify your real identity in the face of the competition, you're still antagonizing everyone! Nobody really gives a stuff about your lineage, the state of your finances and that of your home(s). Be graceful in defeat!

    Learn to master understatement and discretion before you get to RMAS, or you will find yourself the laughing stock of the RAC and Household Division officer cadets.
  12. The penny has dropped. Took a few shots first but you're right, i've glanced back at all my posts. Some are ok, some sensible but quite a few are sickening to read. It just looks stupid, if you go around telling people things which are really quite pointless then it seems you are boasting. The byproduct of this is that people assume that you are exaggerating.
    Instead i should do what i do in standard conversation, just watch what you say. it has more effect when people discover more about you than when you tell them, similarly i suppose it has greater effect to mention a little and let others fill in any gaps.
    I'm here to learn, simple as that, and i'm learning. If i can learn to be at least a bearable officer than it's ok. The pisstakes will have been worth it.

    At the end of the day sod it all, all the inheritance can go to hell but my intended job is as an officer and if a can start to learn at least a little while i'm still young i'll not have to consider it when i'm older. End-product? A better, or less-bad, officer than there would have been anyway.

    Silly remarks aside i just want to help people, it's what i'm for.



  13. F*ck the tw*t never learns does he no matter how you try to help him :lol: