Dont you know theres a war on?

Discussion in 'REME' started by cozza, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. A civvie instructor on my upgraders course told us that they will not be changing REME training anytime soon because a General said "you're not messing with training when there's a war on!" Is there any truth in this or was the instructor making it up to shut us up with our questions of "why are we learning about obsolete equipment and techniques"?

    The reason I ask is because the quote seems a bit daft, training has been changed in many areas over the past few years. I can't imagine anyone thinking you shouldn't change things just because we've got a lot of operational commitments. Imagine someone said "you're not messing with issued equipment when there's a war on"!!!
  2. So, what 'obsolete equipment and techniques' are you being taught?

    You may find that it is purely to satisfy the requirements of your City & Guilds qualification, regardless of its applicability to in service vehicles or procedures.
  3. BuggerAll

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    On my Platoon Commanders Battle Course in Jan 1991 we learned all about the Inner German Border. Germany was effectively united in July 1990 and officially fully reunified 3 Oct 90, but the Inner German Border was still on the syllabus so learn it we did.
  4. By the end of the day you are still learning basic engineering practices and procedures at Bordon. For a VM the operating principles of a pump, motor, valve, engine, FIP, transmissions, centrifugal clutch, gear train, electrics etc, etc is required to as been said give you knowledge of the subject and tick the boxes for your qual.
    You will no doubt go on plenty of Spec Qual courses in your time after your class 1 to work on current equipments and have plenty of hands on Op experience.
    They wouldnt have a camp big enough to fit in the ammount of equipment that will change in your career so why change the structure of courses...we all know you will learn more as a Class 1 once your back in unit and also as a class3.

    Im going for a lay down now as thats far to technical for an old Artisan like myself so will get ready for a weekend of Suck, Squeeze, bang, blow...............btw Im not doing the sucking :D
  5. I understand why we learn it all, but was told a couple of years ago they might be shaking up the trade training a lot (shortening courses and learning more in the field, turning the tiffy course into a management course etc.). I just wanted to know if what the instructor said is true.
  6. Just the blowing then!!
  7. Very wise. The German border moved a bit further westwards & eastwards. If I'd been a Pole or Belgian at the time I'd have been shitting myself ;)
  8. Are they still teaching Cent ARV?
  9. Everyone thinks the same when you are on trade courses(and asks the same questions!)

    pretty soon you will find out that "NO" equipment is ever Obsolete and the techniques you learn can be adapted to anything!

    my advice would be to learn what you are being taught, because if you are ever gonna take your skills to civvi street you have to be one step ahead of the competition..... every day is a school day.
  10. Poles weren't flapping as the Boche had already publicly guaranteed the Oder-Neisse line by then.

    Mind you, Boche have a bit of "form" when it comes to the "my word is my bond" thing.
  11. I was young, needed the money :oops: