Dont you know Im PMs wife?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Not my usual read but anything to have a go at the WMF

    CHERIE Blair had a stand-up row yesterday with airport security staff — asking them if they realised she was the Prime Minister’s wife.

    Mrs Blair, 52, wanted to take THREE items of hand luggage on to her flight.

    But her husband Tony’s Government brought in a “one item only” anti-terror rule in November.

    Fellow passengers told how Cherie held them up for EIGHT MINUTES.

    They heard her comment about being the PM’s wife after staff failed to recognise her.

    An airport boss eventually let her through — with ALL her luggage.

    But a traveller behind her — who had only TWO bags — was told one must go in the hold.

    He fumed: “Why should there be one rule for her and one for me?

    “I am no more a terrorist than Cherie Blair is.”,,2-2007130861,00.html
  2. Typical but not unexpected - I am not even mildly gobsmacked :thumbdown:
  3. I bet she wishes she'd been married to a member of the Soviet Politburo during the Cold War - Zil limos and special road lanes, access to special stores, a nice little dacha... What a witch! :pissedoff:
  4. "Yes madam I do, and if I had my way you wouldn't be on the flight let alone you're baggage now put the other 2 in the hold and get a grip" should have been the reply.

    But obviously some odious little git was more feared for his job than doing the right thing
  5. well you know the saying "power corrupts, ........" and it isn't even HER power she is abusing!!!!!!!!

    edited to add the rest of the story:
    "Last night, Mrs Blair was accused of abusing her position at London City Airport.

    A witness said: “She had a handbag, another bag and quite a large holdall. She was becoming agitated, but determined to get her way.”

    The one item rule was introduced by the Department of Transport after an alleged plot to blow up jets was uncovered last year.

    Last night, Downing Street insisted Mrs Blair did not bend the rules.

    A spokeswoman said: “There were three people in Mrs Blair’s party and three pieces of hand luggage. The rules were met. We rest our case.”

    No10 said NO argument took place. But asked if there was an “extended talk” with staff beyond normal safety questions, the spokeswoman confirmed: “That is my understanding.”"

    3 people in her party - did she instruct the two with her to leave their handbags at home?
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Seem to recall a lecture tour stateside which was certainly only possible (and no doubt lucrative) because of who she's married to.

    They advertised it as 'an evening with the UK's First Lady' or similar. Must've come as a mild surprise to the Queen.
  7. I would have told her to either put her 2 extra bags in the hold or ram them up her arrse... her choice.

    I know one thing, she wouldn't have got on with more than anyone else.
  8. Cherie Blair is no lady behaving like this
  9. Perhaps she could have stashed them in that fecking huge mishaped mouth of hers!

    I would like to feck her very much........................With a lump hammer!! :headbang:
  10. Why does she need to use aeroplanes? I thought she flew everywhere on her broomstick.
  11. What, she didn't get away with smiling sweetly?
  12. If that 'smiled sweetly' at me I'd be worried that it was going to go for the jugular like one of those things out of Blade 2!. Pass the garlic!
  13. If this story is correctly reported, what a bloody baggage.

    She had the chance to set an example here, by smiling sweetly and saying "Well we must all do our part"

    But instead she falls back on "Do you know who I am"

    Yes we do Mrs. Blair , unfortunately.
  14. That wee dacha at Chequers isn't a bad weekend gaff.

    Who needs to go to a store when Signor Berlusconi will give one, and one's husband, a total of . . . is it 15? . . designer watches in just a few years?

    How she longs for Tony's stepping-aside in a few months, so they can spend all of their time with the super-rich.

    It's rather gratifying to realise that however hard they try, they will never be super-rich themselves, and thus will spend the rest of their lives consumed with envy.
  15. Ah yes, all bow before the Labour political elite hanger ons, how their forefathers must be turning in their graves. Freeloading frogs this way please......