Dont you just love the hypocracy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. the US has threatened to cut aid to Iraq if the new government includes politicians with a sectarian bias.

    The US ambassador to Iraq said the US would not continue spending billions of dollars to build up security forces run by people with a sectarian agenda.

    "American taxpayers expect their money to be spent properly. We are not going to invest the resources of the American people into forces run by people who are sectarian," he said at a rare news conference.

    Single line quotes mischieviously plucked from here:

    Now, tell me again.

    We are fighting this war in Iraq for Iraqi democracy, aren't we?
    We are fighting to help Iraq remain/become sovereign and independant, aren't we?

    Now I've got it..... Could this be the first hint at a 'cut-and-run' policy justified on the back of an Iraqis not doing as they are told?

    How is democracy and sovereignty supposed to work if we tell them who is allowed to be elected and take office - and who can't? Looking forward to the neo-con spin on this one. :)
  2. Fcuk it, pull out who wants to be there anyway? Bunch of animals if you ask me. The only good reason for going there is the thousands youll have saved up to spend wiping your memory of the last 6 months through excessive alcohol...

    Mind u I suppose you get a good tan and a free return flight
  3. msr

    msr LE

    We do in Bosnia ;)

  4. Precisely!

    And what a beacon of hope/success that has proven to be in context of 'nation building', democracy, peace and reconcilliation!
  5. Merkator,

    sectarianism is GOOD if it is comes from the First Saviour Church of Intelligent Design in Butt Hole, Alabama. Otherwise it is BAD.

    Got that?

  6. Dangerous things Free Elections, the people get who they want. Not like back home where you can fix things.
  7. I agree pull the lads out,I done the 1st stag out there(stationed in Basra),I am out now,thank fcuk,feed up with the goverment looking after the rest of the world,about time they looked after our own people...
    take care all you squaddies,keep your heads down,dont let the bastards grind you down. 8)

    Do unto others as they would do unto you,but you do it first
  8. a "secterian agenda"

    so WTF is the agenda of the anti abortion, pro intelligent design, bible thumping nuvo Christian relegious right that are forming up in massed ranks behind Bush and co to turn the US into a witch burners' paradise
  9. I though electorates get the governement they deserve!
  10. Speak for yourself!!

    (and crap spelling)
  11. So I take it they won't have anything to do with Sinn Fein then!
  12. Sinn Fein... of course not!

    Apart from A**e-kissing Gerry boy, allowing fund-raising, encouraging big business donations from half witted New York businessmen and getting all starry eyed bout "the old country... where was it again Martha? Scotland or Ireland?", nothing to do with Sinn Fein at all!

    Supposedly true story about a well known Hollywood actor and IRA sympathiser visiting Belfast last summer. Gets taken around the city for a tour... Falls Road, Divis and then on to Shankill where, it being a hot July afternoon, he strips off his T-shirt to show the locals his IRA tattoo.
    "Er, not a good idea here" says a minder.
    "Nonsence, replies our Hollywood here... these people are my people... the Irish. They know I understand their plight and they'll love it"

    Right then!
  13. No argument with your comment DF, but disappointed not to have seen your response to my original post...

    I notice T6, neo_com et al are keeping a low profile too. :wink: